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  1. Umon Daisuke

    3D mode to work with or without glasses Not bad at all. I liked what I saw in the GDC footage (animations are definitely tangibly better), and all that remains to sweeten the package presentation wise is 7.1 LPCM :)
  2. Umon Daisuke

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 announced/ arcade summer of 2012

    It's almost unbelievable given how hesitant they've been to the idea of doing another tag game. The first was a fan service game to keep the T3 scene alive, and remains the most beloved game in the series. 11 years later, here we are: The game is a...
  3. Umon Daisuke

    MK HD Kollection

    Mods, feel free to move it elsewhere but I thought this would get attention best. I'm sure you've head of a rumour about a "HD" collection before, but retail listing got more specific with a date and its nature...
  4. Umon Daisuke

    Dead Rising 2

    Capcom kicked off a rather funny viral campaign with this site: If you haven't played the original, go for it since you can probably find it for $10 if you look hard enough. Heck, I kept my copy despite selling the 360 since I'm not ruling out...
  5. Umon Daisuke

    MK4 team interview + artwork

    A six page interview that was in the Tips & Tricks MK4 guide to be precise. Enjoy:
  6. Umon Daisuke

    A trip down memory lane: MKM Sub Zero.

    I was going through my collection and found the PS1 version, so I thought I'd give it a spin and.... The game certainly wasn't well received by gamers or critics in 97 but I liked it and it remained a guilty pleasure for some time thanks to the live action FMV's. As soon as I started...
  7. Umon Daisuke

    European version retains original fatalities (or at least some of them) Importing seems a bit tempting now, doesn't it? The PS3 discs are region free, and there are a few region free 360 games out there.. time will tell if this is one of them.
  8. Umon Daisuke

    MK Shaolin Monks Xbox.

    I've played and had the PS2 version upon release, and wondering if the Xbox version is any better and emulated well on the 360. MS's emulation and upscaling rid of overscanning issues on LCD's, while PS3 upscaling doesn't. The issue is the same with native 480i with a PS2, so I figured that...
  9. Umon Daisuke

    MKII out tommorow as you know, post PSN ID's

    ... I realize that few of you have PS3's, but what the heck. Mine is Verdugo04
  10. Umon Daisuke

    No online play for Wii version.

    .. though there is good news in regards to controls. You can use the classic or GC controllers if you wish.;title;2&om_act=convert&click=topslot
  11. Umon Daisuke

    First review from Game Daily.

  12. Umon Daisuke

    Liu Kang MKA video trading card released.

    It's at Gamespot: He's still a zombie in the game. EDIT: It's not on the official site, but if you can find a better quality version than the one at Gamespot, please post it.
  13. Umon Daisuke

    Boon interview with GI in regards to the Wii version It's rather short, and answers the main questions surrounding that Nintendo version.
  14. Umon Daisuke

    MKA for the Wii? Games Radar claims that it's in the press kit..

    Weird, isn't it? Granted, the fact that the Wii's hardware is a mere beefed up GC would make this a quick enhanced port. I don't think it'll use the ... uh Wii-mote either, much like NFS Carbon (which uses the traditional controller only)...
  15. Umon Daisuke

    Top 10 carelessly chosen domain names

    Taken from NeoGAF forums. Truly hillarious stuff: 1. A site called ‘Who Represents‘ where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name… wait for it… is 2. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and...
  16. Umon Daisuke

    Happy birthday Mr. Bush, says Nintendo

    Bush got an early birthday present from Nintendo today. A DS Lite... and a copy of Brain Age to help him "keep a sharp mind". You can read the full letter here:
  17. Umon Daisuke

    Your gaming space

    Your room, your entertainment area.. whatever. Post pics of your setup. Here's mine a few months ago (was like that for a good while): Some of the extra posters around; still haven't come around to getting all of them set up...
  18. Umon Daisuke

    MK1-MKG Fatality vid.

    I found this not too long ago on Google. The pit fatalities are there too from every game, though the MK3 demo is the supreme demonstration from UMK3 arcade.