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  1. teh pwnstr

    Raiden & Tourneys

    So i just recently started playing Raiden. Hes been my favourite since MK1, i played him for a little while when MK9 first came out but he was getting a bad rap for people using him to only spam and anyone i played online did spam which was offputting :-( Now that i have a better grasp of the...
  2. teh pwnstr

    JAX players! - Jax vs SubZero help!

    Hello everyone, first post here =) Looking for help from experianced Jax players. I have been playing Jax for a few days and i am really enjoying him, he can be very unpredictable attacking someone and hes a strong guy what can i say? ;-) BUT.. my bane with Jax is Kunglaos, raidens and...