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    Karoi - The Redeemer

    Name: Karoi Age: Unknown Alignment: Good Height: 6'1" Weight: 270 lbs Appearance: Karoi looks like a corpse, with a very dark purple aura around his left arm. He wears tattered dark purple rags, and his eyes are glowing with an eerie, whitish hue. His left arm is severed off, but the aura...
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    Scorpion's Overpowered

    Yes, your favourite all time character is overpowered. Why? I entered a battle as Sektor, trying to Enjoy my limited Trial time (Thanks to the bloody PSN). Now, this guy comes up as Scorpion, we start the match. I beat him, but then, in the other round, he started spear spamming. If I blocked...
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    Klassic Noob Saibot

    Has anyone faced him? I was playing the Ladder mode, and woof. Before I could rip apart Mileena, he suddenly appeared and kicked my arse. It's easy to face him but it's hard to defeat him. In the ''Temple'' arena, he sometimes appears instead of the guys who do pray in front of a skinned man...
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    Did anyone realize..

    That Mileena's fatality in MK9 is Kira's fatality in Deception?
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    A Kombatant Idea

    Well, here goes the maced fellow. Name: Kull Megen Age: Unknown Alignment: Neutral Height: 7,0 Weight: 350 Pounds Appearance: Clad in leather, Mongolian - like armor, this Revenant of the Netherrealm is a highly strong and large being, his face resembling Shao Kahn. He has a pair of maces...