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  1. Taja


    Is the PS4 version much of a step up from the last Gen? The pics I've seen look pretty much the same. Can anyone advise me?
  2. Taja

    Gears of War: Next Gen

    Now that Microsoft has bought Gears of War from Epic, who's excited for a new Gears of War game? Gears of War 3 is still the best multiplayer game out there IMO. Let's hope they learn from the mistakes Judgment made.
  3. Taja

    Unlockable Rewards / Methods are disappointing in this game.

    Is anyone disappointed with the unlockables in this game? Here are some suggestions that I think would have made the game better without the devs having to add any extra content to the disc. 1) I think that they should have cut the opening roster down by half and let us unlock the rest. 2)...
  4. Taja

    She gripped my head between her thighs, while he speared me!!

    Sonya & Scorpion that is....Seriously some of the tag moves on this game are a bit extreme don't you think?
  5. Taja

    I want some hard Meat....

    As in a super difficult hidden fight against Meat! They could easily add it as DLC as the skinless sprite is already on the disc. What do you guys think? X