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  1. msmma

    The Silence is Deafening...

    When MK 2011 first came out and people were screaming about online issues etc, if i recall NRS was out there on day one commenting that they were 'aware of xyz', or at least commenting on people's concerns. Doesnt anyone find it extremely odd that noone from NRS has said anything at all about...
  2. msmma

    Please post MKAK 360 version impressions here.. **Please Read**

    With the 360 version coming out today, im curious if the 360 version is going to have all the sound glitches, horrible netcode, and other glitches that the PS3 version has, or if its just the PSN version that's gimped up. Try the 360 version, and look for these things (that i can think of right...
  3. msmma

    Simple throwbacks to the old MK games that were missed in the new MK

    Overall, NRS did a great job with making this a new game in the series, while still having plenty of nostalgia, and throwbacks to the old games. However, in my opinion they missed alot of easy little things that would've made it even more nostalgic: 1) Why doesnt the skeleton make the...
  4. msmma

    Shang Tsung's a Cheap Piece of Dog Crap

    No matter what difficulty i use hes impossible for me to double flawless him. Best i got was one round, until the AI pulls its usual mind reading unblockable cheap ******** on me and i get hit. I sat there for an hour trying this and finally i had to quit before i threw my controller through...
  5. msmma

    Anyone Platinum this yet?

    Just curious if anything happens if you get all the trophies/achievements....
  6. msmma

    MK Platinum trophy question...

    Do you just need the single player trophies to get the platinum or do online ones also count towards it?
  7. msmma

    Looks like Boon owned us all again... sigh.. **SPOILERS**

    Despite the 'Brutality' sound file that was found a while back, all signs are pointing to them not being in the game, and Boon and company was putting fake stuff in the game files...aka like the MK2 Kano Transformation stuff. Noones found them yet, and more recent damning evidence is this Tweet...
  8. msmma that it? **MAJOR SPOILERS**

    So we unlock Quan Chi, Cyber Sub Zero, and then theres the hidden fights with Classic Smoke, Noob, Classic Reptile, and Jade. Each character has two fatalities, and a babality. Does that cover everything? Kind of a bummer that Boon owned all of us with the bogus "brutality" announcer sound...
  9. msmma

    Cheesy AI

    Im finding that even at the default difficulty, the AI is cheesy as hell at times (not including the bosses). At times it almost seems to know what you're going to press before you press it, and immediately counters it, or just sits there and blocks everything over and over. Other times it...
  10. msmma

    Trophies/Achievements like this one irritate me...

    They're so unoriginal, and are just asking for people to give up or not even try to get all the trophies for your game. I know they're optional and all, but there are some other good ones on the list that aren't annoying like this one. Its not this game alone that has this type, most do, i...
  11. msmma

    Babality Question..

    Ok, so we know they're in the game. My question is, does the game tell you (either in the krypt or elsewhere) what conditions you need to fulfill in order to pull them off (no block, etc...)? Just wondering how they were initially discovered...??
  12. msmma

    For those with the game, can you tell me if youve seen this yet?

    Im wondering if the game has hidden characters popping up before matches, and saying clues on how to find them... Just a yes or no answer please, no details on yes
  13. msmma

    Classic MK's in MK 2011?

    There had been some people speculating that the classic MK games in HD might be hidden within MK 2011 as an awesome hidden surprise. Someone recently asked Ed about "MK3" as part of MK 2011, and here was his reply: RT @tooevil @noobde please put mk3 as a bonus secret game Noobde: Thats a big...
  14. msmma

    Gone gold yet?

    April 19 is just about 30 days away now, and i think it takes about 3-4 weeks for all the disks to get created once the master copy is submitted, etc... Anyone hear anything yet on it going gold?
  15. msmma

    How many are joining PSN+ just for the demo today?

    Im going to do the 3 month membership thingie. Im just too excited to wait....:hail: Does anyone know if it auto-renews after 3 months?
  16. msmma

    What i hope is in the new Mortal Kombat..

    Ok, since they are going old school with the presentation, 2d fighting plane, etc...what i think this game TRULY needs to really make it special is the mystery aura that MK2 had in arcades.. Back when that came out, there was always this huge mystery about you never knew what was...
  17. msmma

    MK2011, and MK HD Collection

    As crazy as this may sound...has anyone given the thought to the possibility that the reason why MK HD hasnt been announced is because it will actually be on the MK2011 Bluray, as hidden, unlockable content? Sure, WB could lose that extra potential sales by having it sold seperately, but it...