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  1. TNM03

    All Fatalities Compilation on Kratos, Sindel and Freddy

    Finally got these done. Hope you guys enjoy them.
  2. TNM03

    My MK9 Supreme Demonstration Video

    I was gonna wait until PSN came back but I said forget it last night and here it is. The only fatalities missing are Reptile and Scorpion's klassics. All the other fatalities (including Kratos', the bosses and all stages are in.) and all babalities are in. I'll be updating this video when PSN...
  3. TNM03

    Conditions for getting Babalities to work on Goro/Kintaro and Shao Kahn

    I tried the search feature and nothing came up. I copied this from a thread on GameFAQs (which is now fully edited) : Needed settings and stipulations: Must be playing on medium or higher difficulty Rounds=2 Time=90 seconds Cannot lose any matches on the ladder Do not block attacks in the last...
  4. TNM03

    Scorpion's Toasty fatality

    Found this on the channel of the guy who completed the tower on recently. The input is shown after that in a few seconds: Edit: Forgot to mention skip to around 1:30.