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  1. Princess Dis


    Now, her arms are indeed covering the lower half of her chest in the main scan, but it appears that the Shokan women only have 4 boobs...unlike Goro. I feel like a nerd for posting this, but it seems strange that Midway would only make the men have four pecs... Anyone else notice this? holy...
  2. Princess Dis

    The Nutcracker

    Not sure if anyone has ever seen a live-rendition of the Nutcracker, but I saw it yesterday in SF (San Francisco, not Forces 8)). All I can say is Holy shit. Everything about it was incredible, from the dancers, to the costumes, to the orchastra. All of it was perfect, and my sister, her...
  3. Princess Dis

    Pic: BETTER MK babies

    Noob is very symbolic. A few of the regulars should get what I'm going for here. This took me a few hours to do, I started at 3 pm, and just finished now (8:17 pm)
  4. Princess Dis

    TRMK Myspace Group

    Anyone on TRMK that is interested in Joining, here's the URL.
  5. Princess Dis

    Stage Fatalities

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could tell me which stages in MKT have fatalities. I suck pretty bad, and it would take me forever to figure it out :oops: Any help would be great, thanks.
  6. Princess Dis

    School Pictures

    I'm curious about this, am I the only one that hates getting their picture taken for school? Luckily this is my last year for getting them. Thoughts/opinions?
  7. Princess Dis

    Fake: Subby gets Shanked

    Definatly not my best, but not the worst by far. Any comments? PS, i got the idea from this picture i found on google
  8. Princess Dis

    Corpse Bride

    I personally think Tim Burton is insane, didn't like Nightmare Before Christmas, but I am still looking forward to this movie. Any thoughts? September release date, any info on the exact date would be appriciated.
  9. Princess Dis

    Fake: Sub-zero Vs. Zombie Kang

    I hate to flood teh 4rtwork forums with a bunch of crap, but what the hell? Kang is about to get cleaved in half, for those who wonder. Credit goes to Prophet for the background, which reminds me almost of the Sky Temple from MKD now that I look at it. P.S. I don't expect great ratings for...
  10. Princess Dis

    Fake: Cyrax/Scorpion

    I should've kept practicing. But fuck man, do I hate laptop touchpads.
  11. Princess Dis

    Fake: Sub-Zero/Raiden

    This took me longer than most of my fakes, seeing as how I had to recolour all of the ice (coming from Sub's hand) pixel by pixel. Edit: Just so everyone is clear on this, its meant to look similar to Frost's ground-freeze from MKDA.
  12. Princess Dis

    Sprite: Frost

    Not the best I've ever done, but i think it turned out alright anyway. Shame it wouldn't let me save it as something higher quality. :(
  13. Princess Dis

    The Belltower

    This wasn't meant as anything major, just something I put together a few days ago. Ironically, I wasn't even thinking about the Red Dragon/Black Dragon thing when I made it. I just really, really hate Kano. :D (if you really want to rate something, rate the Mavado sprite ;) ) Edit: I...
  14. Princess Dis

    New Sprite

    This didn't turn out as best it could, but for now, it will do just fine And...sadly, his right arm has a bit of a different skin-tone to it. Rate if you wish :) Edit: Forgot to mention, the color is a bit askewed because I had to save it as a .gif. :(
  15. Princess Dis

    Kano Versus Ermac

    This is the result of free time: Rate it if you feel the need to. :P P.S. Kano doesn't have a shadow because I wasn't sure where to put it...he's about to get splattered upon the blades.
  16. Princess Dis

    Aptly Named "Uh Oh"

    I whipped this up at while I was waiting for my next class to start. Sorry for it being so small, the computer I was using wouldn't let me save it as anything besides a bitmap, which I changed when I got home.
  17. Princess Dis

    Random Pictures

    Well, since I love whoring some of my pictures out, I figured I may as well. I'll just put a couple down for now, tell me what you think, and if I should dig up some of my other stuff. :)
  18. Princess Dis


    Just thought I'd show off my new sig that I put together. The Scorpion Sprite I fixed up with paint...I figured I'd do an MKD-look on him. Any comments? :D
  19. Princess Dis

    Last one for awhile

    This'll be the last one I post for awhile. And so, to keep this clear, I did the shadows as best I could. Enjoy. :)
  20. Princess Dis

    Second one, Still a bit shaky

    Well, I still couldn't figure out how to do the shadows with MS Paint, so I just skipped 'em...again. P.S. Thanks for the advice with my last picture. It reminded me to add the names in the lifebars/MK Logo (Which I think should be there...)/and the Win Icons.