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    Whats with the lack of gore?

    There is a ton of blood in this game, But not much gore. Remember in MKD and MKDA where chunks of skin and flesh fell of and splattered along with blood? Why did they get rid of that, It makes the fatalities seem...Less enjoyable. The slice points spew blood but no gore, For example: Scorpions...
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    Why are their so many quitters?

    Ugh, Every time i beat someone who spams they quit and it is really annoying. Happened like 8 times today already, How can i deal with them? I usually send them mean messages and stuff. When they quit does it count as my win? Or as a loss?
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    Noob Xray bug.

    Well i think this is a bug or just a nerf so you don't do too much damage but... If you do the 2,1,2 combo and then Xray right after it gives you 43% damage. However, If you do the B1,2,1,3 combo and then Xray you only get 38% damage and the Xray is nerfed and does minimal damage compared to the...
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    Do you think Raiden's alternate should have had...?

    Red lightning? His teleport in his Dark Raiden costume is red so why not his lightning? I know lightning is always blue but in real life its purple so changing his color shouldn't be that unrealistic should it? I mean i think it would look very cool, How about everyone else?
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    Why can't i do Shang Tsung's souls steal move?

    Im on the 360 and i know im pressing the right buttons but it will not work! Is anyone else having this problem because the rest of his moves work fine and i do ftalities in one try every time. *EDIT* After checking out the online game guide the moves list is different on my 360 game it is F D B...
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    So...Which Sub-Zero is Sub-Zero? **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**

    So as we know, Sub-Zero has 3 forms in this game: Cyber Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot. Now since Bi-Han (I believe) Became Noob and Kuai-Lang became Cuber Sub-Zero, They were both Sub-Zero at one point so who are we playing as in the game?
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    Will my Klassic Costume come in email or an actual card?

    I preordered from Wal-Mart and they shipped my order, I was wondering if they will email my code or just stick a card in with the game?
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    Cyber Sub-Zero X-Ray plus Fatality+Sektor 2nd Fatal+Johnny Cage 2nd Fatal
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    Avatar DLC?

    What do you guys think about avatar DLC for the 360, I mean nothing crazy but maybe like character masks or weapons or accessories. Would you guys buy these things and what would you suggest they include?