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    A Coversation That Took Place During Development

    While Other Ocean were making this game and (presumably) testing it this conversation took place: Hey, that sounds like some audio cut out there, was Scorpion supposed to say something when he threw his spear? I dunno man, are you sure? Yeah, he sounds like he was about to say something but...
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    Ok, I give up

    I'm trying to unlock the achievements for fighting hidden fighters Reptile and Smoke. I know how to get to them but the problem is I can't seem to fight on the Pit or Living Forest. I've been playing for about 3 hours now. I've tried going to the dashboard and even clearing my cache but the...
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    My Idea: Klassic Tournament Mode

    I'm an old school MK fan. I've been playing since the very beginning when we went without lunch to spend our lunch money after school at the arcade, pumping dollar after dollar into the machines compiling long lists of hand written fatalities in dished up paper and even selling them. Naturally I...