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  1. ZaketoX

    Armaggeddon match. NOW!

    I'm gonna start a match on Armaggeddon right now. JOIN! AND PREPARE FOR TROUBLE!
  2. ZaketoX

    MK1 SNES fatalities

    What are the fatalities for the SNES version of MK1? Like, the ones that were changed, like Raiden and Subzero and such.
  3. ZaketoX

    Assistance needed!

    Can someone give me some animated GIF's from MK:A with Kreate a Fighter moves? The ones I need the most are: Speedy serpent..or Running Serpent, I dont remember the name, but its Reptiles attack where he runs at the opponent. I cant come up with anymore at the moment....Ill ask later when I...
  4. ZaketoX

    Mortal Kombat: Resurrection?

    What if the story for the next game went like this: Instead of everyone dying from Armaggeddon, everyone gets sent back in time to the story of the first MK Game, but they all remember what happened and whats about to happen.... :-D
  5. ZaketoX


    Arabic or Islamic origin: Baraka (or Barakah) is a term referring to a sense of divine presence, charisma, wisdom, and/or blessing transmitted from master to pupil. It can refer to "breath" (see Qi or prana), but is more often associated with a place or person. Baraka is a French term for...
  6. ZaketoX

    You Saw This Already

  7. ZaketoX

    Stryker Strikes Her.

  8. ZaketoX

    I like to move it move it....

    I made a MK YTMND I made it in about like....3 hours, so it may not be that great...