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    Where's that key?!

    Hey everybody, I was just getting into Konquest (it's really good) and got to the point where Special Forces were attacking Sektor's ship and everything was going dandy. I found some Elder God armor, bunch of coins, and even Meat (hell yeah!) but I could not find that key to open the escape...
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    Reptile? Sonya!

    HeY, I had a queation about Kahn's side mission. He tells you in Outworld to find Reptile and I spent an hour and a half searching all over outworld and there was no sign of him! Can someone please tell me the grid letter and number where you found him. Also i wanted to to share what i found on...
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    Play as them later????

    Okay i was reading about konquest and it says about some characters : Description: Shujinko runs into the demon Ashrah who is trying to escape the realm. In this mission you will learn the fighting styles and special moves of Ashrah. Reward: Random Koins in 25, 50, 75, 100, 125 & 150...
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    The Misfits of MK: mithologies,special forces,sholan monks

    These three games can either be hated for not haveing hand to hand kombat or loved for adventure! i was wondering what you thought about them? I personally didnt really like Sub~Zero mithologies b/c i had it for N64 and the way you have to walk and fight is so frustrateing, i havent played...
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    Girls kostumes for MK D a little out there

    now i am a big fan of mileena and not that her new outfit isnt hot or nething but i think they r going a little far. I mean it is HOt but with one high kick that top would pop open, then again may be it isnt so bad, anyway tell me what u think