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  1. J

    WWE 2K17 - Mortal Kombat Universe Mode

    1st video of universe mode! Extreme Rules PPV intro! MK Realms Championship Match!
  2. J

    Mortal Kombat characters in WWE 2K17!

    I'm back :) Hello everyone! First video using WWE 2K17!! Finished creating all the female combatants. This is part 1 of the women's tournament to crown the inaugural women's champion. The winner of this 1st of 3 groups will advance to the triple threat match that will determine the first...
  3. J

    MK Characters in WWE 2K16

    Hey all, this is hopefully the first of many videos showing off the MK characters I have created in WWE 2k16. I have 80 characters in total and also created 12 stages/arenas. All of the fighters from all ten main games are included except for meat and mokap because who needs them :) I needed...