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    Tourney mode?

    Can anyone tell me what exactly this mode is? If u type 6 times "MK" in the versus screen, a tourney mode appears, but i didn´t noticed any difference?
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    Top 10 MK9 Fatalities

    Here we go ;) Post your personal top10/worst10 Fatality list. Top 10: 1. Noobs "Make a wish" 2. Kung Laos "Razors Edge" 3. Barakas "Up the middle" 4. Kabals "It takes guts" 5. Mileenas "Be mine" 6. Barakas "Take a spin" 7. Sheevas "Stripped down" 8. Sheevas "Lend a hand" 9. Jades "Half mast"...
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    Short question about hidden fights

    What happens if u beat Noob or Smoke in the hidden fights? I fought against Noob a couple of times in the church, but i couldn´t beat him :/
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    Kabals 2nd Fatalitiy needs to be fixed

    Anyone else noticed this? His Fatality has some parts were everyone is bleeding red. At the end of the finisher Noob was bleeding blue and red at the same time. Looks terrible. I know, maybe its not that big of deal, but i hope this gets patched or something cause this is one of my favorite...
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    Some people can not read

    Seriously, this is pissing me off. I open a new room called "OnlyGermans" to get some lagfree matches and 5 minutes later the lobby is full of americans and canadiens. If i accept a fight the game is lagging like hell of course. Goddamn, there are enough rooms for US players, so please stay...
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    Need help (Storymode Bossfight)

    How the hell can i beat Shao Kahn with Raiden in the last fight? I play on the lowest difficult, but i do not even come close to beat him. This is ridiculous, what were NRS thinking? Liu Kang vs. Shao Kahn was hard too, i had to spam fireballs to beat him, is that the point of the lowest...
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    Stage Fatality/Babality distance?

    Today i tried to do some Stage Fatalities and Babalities online, but i couldn´t made it. I have the inputs here, but for some reason they won´t work online. Maybe i have the wrong distance? Stage Fatalities = close Babalities = sweep Am i right?
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    XBox Controller problem. Am i the only one?

    This is really annoying. Sometimes my character walks (front & back) without moving the stick. For example i press "left" for maybe 1 second, and after that my character still walks left. I changed my controller cause i thought it was damaged, but it was still the same. Happens with the stick...
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    Some questions....

    Got my game today and have some questions, maybe u guys can help me out :hail: 1. How do i unlock stage fatalities? 2. How do i unlock Hidden Fatalities (Subby´s spin rip for example) 3. How do i unlock Cyber-Sub 4. Do you guys prefer Fighting with the left stick or with the d-pad? Thats all...
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    Is Kitanas Kiss of Death back?

    Any infos on this one yet? Just wondering, almost each 2nd fatality is up now, but no word on kitans 2nd. Hopefully its in :hail:
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    Best game you ever played?

    (Mk doesn´t count) :) For me it is still the old Resident Evil on the PS1. No game till yet came even close to the music and atmosphere this game had. I still hoping for a remake on XBox and PS3 ;-) Whats yours?
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    Have we already seen to much?

    Just wondering, we saw about 85 % of all X-Rays and 55% of all fatalities yet. Anyone else think that is way too much? I mean, look at the "Kombat continues trailer". A lot of cool "secret" stage fatalities were already shown :( I would feel a lot better, if i dind´t know that i can throw my...
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    Question about "the krypt"

    Maybe it´s a stupid question, but i have no clue about this one. What i know, the krypt is a place were u can unlock some stuff like fatalitys and custumes and so on. But can you choose what u wanna unlock or is it random? For example: I wanna unlock Mileenas 2rd fatality. Can i pick this one...
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    Mortal Kombat banned in Germany

    I just read a new article on IGN, that the new MK game is banned now in Germany aswell. I personally don´t care, i always import my games, the only thing are the DLC´s. No DLC´s for German Xbox players :( Damn, i guessed it. This country sucks if it comes to video games.
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    Will you play with or without HUD?

    Just wondering. Since we know that you can turn off the HUD, do you prefer fighting with or without it? I will probably play without. I need no Health bars or Damage indicator, i think it distracts too much from the actual gameplay. Only thing i need is the X-Ray meter, i hope it´s possible to...
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    Funny South Park Episode

    Anyone knows this Episode here? Just replace "Nintendo Wii" with the new Mortal Kombat game. Its very funny, i feel exactly like Cartman at this point :)
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    Characters with green/blue blood

    Does anyone else dislike to perfrom a fatality on a green or blue blooded character? I don´t know, but i always hated it to do a fatality on Cyrax or Sektor in MK Trilogy. It´s just not the same imo. It´s not that big of deal in the new MK, cause there are just a handfull of these characters...
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    Jax´s arm rip fatality on sheeva?

    Just wondering, how do you think this fatality works on sheeva? Will he rip off all 4 arms or just 2? :vollkommenauf:
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    Something i noticed about the sounds

    If u watch both videos, then u will notice a big difference in the audio files in the fatalities: (go to 2:01) In the first one u can actually hear how the blood drops on the ground and the Fatality Intro...
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    European Players and online lag

    I am just a bit worried about how worse the online lag in this game will be, especially for European players. I live in Germany, and some fighting games in the past (UFC 09 for example) were unplayable for me online, cause it was a laggy mess. Most of the time i had to play against US guys, it...