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    VOTE Other then Mortal Kombat what fighting game takes the 2nd spot for you?

    Obviously most of us feel Mortal Kombat to be the best and our favorite Fighting game franchise but what comes in 2nd place for you. Please Vote your 2nd favorite fighting game frachise from this list and if the game isnt listed feel free to list it below in the comments please. Although I love...
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    IGN Second opinion on Mortal Kombat

    I am sorry but this Mark Ryan Sallee guy is the biggest Street Fighter biased POS I have ever heard, he has nothing good to say about MK.
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    Klassic Reptile Code for 360 on Ebay just went for 100.00 bucks WOW

    I know these codes were going for 20.00 to 50.00 bucks but 100.00 OMG they could have just purchased the game for 40.00 bucks less and got it. Is Reptile for 360 rare or something...
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    Is MK9 your most anticipated game?

    I am a big time gamer and consider myself a hardcore Mortal Kombat fan and MK9 has been my most anticipated game since they announced it. For years now I have always told my friends I wish Ed Boon would go back to MK roots with 2D etc... and they finally did it and actually exceeded my...
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    Question about Kratos stage fatality?

    So on the video I saw there are 3 button options it appears when doing the fatality are these 3 different fatality options or do you need to press these in sequence to perform the fatality? 3 different options would be amazing but can someone confirm this or post videos of all 3 options if this...
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    New Video on IGN
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    Anyone with Stage Fatality videos please post them

    Really really excited to see some Stage Fatality's can anyone who has captured video on these please upload them. I am most excited for Kratos stage since Boon said it was the most Brutal.
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    Now Playing MK Launch Party Video;title;1