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    MK9 Sub-Zero Dead Pool Stage Fatality glitch

    Done by scarsunseen24
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    Sonya infinite

    by poto2222
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    Cross Character X-Ray Attacks

    I don't know how. :???: by matchbox9
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    NRS get your act together

    They can't even release a couple of simple alt outfits without causing major headaches. For the UMK3 Cyrax outfit the bomb trap is still in. For the Sektor alt outfit: It's one thing to release a whole new character with bugs but a couple of simple costumes? This is really feeble NRS.
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    July DLC announced

    Rain Kenshi Klassic Smoke and Klassic Noob
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    Reptile forceball hitbox glitch

    Copy and paste from SRK Video examples
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    Sub Zero Ice Beam glitch

    Posted by God-is-my-Rock over at
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    Kung Lao silliness

    Done by devildigimon From the video description:
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    Sub Zero & Nightwolf death combo

    101%. Uses 2 bars. Done by KakiharaTempura.
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    Serious parry glitch discovered

    After you parry and low block it auto parries. Bad enough for Kang and CSZ but with Cage it means multiple X-rays in a row... Watch the videos
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    Jason and Freddy Rumor Discussion

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    Apologies to anyone with female genitalia

    Some people just shouldn't play on the Internet.
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    Anyone found any special tag team moves yet?

    Anyone found any tag moves that only certain pairings can do?
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    Who has played online? Is it really bad?

    Seen bad reviews about online so far. So much for NRS' amazing netcode... Anyone here confirm this? Also, how does the region code work exactly? Are all randoms people from your country?
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    Quick video footage of Sheeva and *SPOILER*...

    Some footage of Sheeva, human Sektor and human Cyrax. Not much. Credit thenomad MKO
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    Cyborg Kratos

    No, I didn't do it - just found it on the web.
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    Confirmation that MK will not be released in Germany,-f.e.a.r.-3-nur-gekuerzt.html German speaker on MKO confirms it.
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    Tomorrow is April 1st

    Be aware... :)
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    Guy already has MK9?

    Or just a clever trick? See if he puts up any gameplay videos in the next few days...