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  1. Yaniv Shmuel Avizrats

    The stats from the ticker do not make sense

    I started yesterday to look carefully on the ticker stats. I did this to gather information for the character usage stats but some stuff do not make sense. Namely: number of times character was used can not be the number of fight it participated. It is much less. If you add all the "times...
  2. Yaniv Shmuel Avizrats

    Character usage stats updated in PS4 26 MAY

    Here are the stats I pulled few minutes ago. Took me about 45 minutes. The ordee in which they give the stats in the online ticker is not random. The go over all character sequentially. Try and find out yourself. Results are for number of times used. They are given in millions: Scorpion 85.79...
  3. Yaniv Shmuel Avizrats

    Where is Motaro?

    Shouldn't he be revenant for Quan Chi?
  4. Yaniv Shmuel Avizrats

    Major joy [Big Spoiler]

    Beware. Big ending for the story spoiler ahead Big Big Big Spoiler So. In spite of all the haters, the entire Cage family survives the story mode and even rekindle their relatiobship. I am so happy! Thanks NRW for having the guts to tell good ending story over the overplayed revenge tropes!