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  1. Lux the Elder God

    MK stuff in NYC

    Anyone know where I can buy MK posters / t-shirts in New York City? I'm gonna try Warner Brothers shop tomorrow, but was wondering if anyone knew of a place where they had posters, art work, whatever MK related in New York. I'm staying until Monday night. Thanks!
  2. Lux the Elder God

    King of the Hill lag

    Close this thread if it's already addressed somewhere else (and link me in the process), but I couldn't find it. Tried playing King of the Hill last night for the first time ever (I've been on a one month hiatus from MK due to vacation and work, but now I'm back) and here's how it went down...
  3. Lux the Elder God

    So which poor souls still don't have the game and how are you dealing with the agony?

    My KE has been delivered to New York, I got my Reptile skin code but I won't actually get to play the game until this Sunday!! It's driving me bonkers and I'm trying to stay away from here as much as possible... Been playing COD to pass the time. Who else is in a similar situation? Don't make...
  4. Lux the Elder God

    Going to Game Launch and entering the tournament...Any Tips?!

    Hey guys, You are far more experienced than me when it comes to these things. You have any tips or advice for someone going into his first tournament? Chances are big that i will lose and lose fast but still, what do you advise for me to have a fighting chance? I'll pick Scorpion coz i can do...
  5. Lux the Elder God

    After you put in MK9 into your console for the very first time... many hours/days will it stay in there until you change it with another game? Since I'm going to be playing Black Ops online with my buddies overseas I can't say weeks but definitely one whole week between the 24th and next Saturday for me. After I get it I don't know how I will be able...
  6. Lux the Elder God

    Best of each Demo Character (plus a few random questions)

    Hello all, So I was thinking about what to do to pass the time. Hopefully this wasn't done before this way, so here goes: I was think of making a list of each Demo characters' BEST OF... and see what you guys come up with. When I say best of it translates to coolest, most imaginative and the...