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  1. itsmillatime420

    Did they announce a change to Online Ranked Matchmaking?

    The past two or three days I would say around 75% or more of the people I played were at true skill rank of 30+. Compare that to pre1.02 where I would say 75% of the people I played were noobish skill levels. Is it just a result of the patch and people no longer having to wait several minutes...
  2. itsmillatime420

    Drop Glitch in Ranked Match giving you the loss?

    Ok so today I log on and played a few ranked matches. On my 3rd match this guy who was on the leaderboard picks Scorpion. He beats me in rd1 because I was on the phone... rd2 I smash him and round 3 I am about to finish him off when I hear him say something on his mic "watch this". So the...
  3. itsmillatime420

    User Statistics and Leaderboards Bugged?

    Don't know if its from the new update or what but anytime I click on my user stats or leaderboard it says ive been disconnected from live (When i really havent) and puts me back at ranked match :bird: anyone else having this problem?
  4. itsmillatime420

    What's your longest streak?

    Just broke of a 55 win streak in ranked. About 80% were :bike: but :wiggle: Finally lost to Kabal and me being tired :canabis: What's your longest win streak? If you have a nice player streak thats cool too
  5. itsmillatime420

    Liu Kang juggle combo

    Not sure if this is a known juggling exploit but I would assume it is.. a basic 3 button combo that juggles you. Some kid online beat me with this the other day.. once he started the juggle combo he could do it at least 4-5 times before it would get me into a corner and I could wiggle out. I...