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  1. ShortieTheRobot

    Anybody know of any tournaments for the south?

    Im in atlanta and ive been DYING to play in a tournament somewhere (not online though). If anyone can give me places to look or any suggestions it would be great. Thanks in advance!
  2. ShortieTheRobot

    Lets get tremor!!!!

    Since 98% percent of the MK community *****ed and moaned about Rain, maybe we should try to annoy NRS so they put Tremor in the game! Yea Boon said like a million times NO but he says no to everything. What do you guys think? Maybe we can give Tremor the Rain treatment?
  3. ShortieTheRobot

    Anybody regret paying for pre-order costumes???

    Any idiots pay $80 for reptile or $4,000 for all the costumes???
  4. ShortieTheRobot

    Characters you dont care about

    I personally dont care about Sheeva or Baraka. Also, Kratos is cool to have i guess but i could care less. Anyone else not care to see some characters? Note: Dont turn this into a "They could have replaced so and so with Rain" thread. Im tired of hearing about him.
  5. ShortieTheRobot

    The "new" Jax

    Every fan knows that he has been altered countless times. Now, face wise, do you think NRS will keep this look with him or change him with every game? I personally think he should stay the way he is. And PLEASE no more of this...
  6. ShortieTheRobot

    Is anyone completely satisfied with this game?

    Seems like im mostly seeing people whine about the story, and how much they want Rain, and these characters are too fast or too slow. What the hell happened to just playing the damn game and enjoying ripping your friends head off? Seriously. Why cant we just be happy we have a more than a...
  7. ShortieTheRobot

    Something NRS can do that would be interesting to reboot

    Hara Kiris Edit: Ok... i personally think they'd be awesome to bring back. I dont wanna sound like everyone else who whines about wanting every single -ality in the game but these would be cool to see with a new development team.
  8. ShortieTheRobot

    Anyone else think the Uncharteds are completely over rated?

    I mean seriously... It seems to me like the gameplay is a 7ish or solid 8 but somehow the production values make them instant classics? I never buy into the hype. Which is why i dont like COD because its the same thing every year, like madden.
  9. ShortieTheRobot

    Vote for DLC character (idea)

    So NRS says that "No character is off limits for DLC", and with TRMK being a big MK community. Maybe we should get a poll going and try to sway their thoughts for the next possible DLC character. Also a good way to stay organized is that you can ONLY post a comment with the character you chose...
  10. ShortieTheRobot

    Just saw a babality on Reptile!!! He turned him into an egg then it hatched.
  11. ShortieTheRobot

    MK secrets and speculations as DLC

    Hi, everyone. Been lurking for a while and was wondering: With the DLC character Skarlett confirmed and her being speculated and "named" by the fans, wouldn't it be cool to see some other minor characters get a little light shined on them. Like Tremor!!! Imagine this big bulky ninja-like...