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  1. InfiniteRetro

    Classic MK Games surfacing due to MK9?

    hey guys. i hope this is the ok area to post this in. with Mortal Kombat reinventing and coming out again, i wonder about a couple of things. first up, will they release the classic mk games on the psn/xbl stores? i know MK2 is on psn, and UMK3 used to be on xbl, but i hope they make it there as...
  2. InfiniteRetro

    Motaro WONT have 4 legs

    after just watching the interview in germany the guy says it was too hard to code him having 4 legs. even though he says he gets them back when u finish arcade mode i dare say he gets them back 'storyline wise', NOT as a character. hope im wrong but highly doubt it.
  3. InfiniteRetro

    A Boon Tribute

    Edited By Moderator: Image Removed for offensive language. Do NOT post again!
  4. InfiniteRetro

    a conversation about apendages

    something to let u in one the conversing of fellow kombatants.
  5. InfiniteRetro

    Is this a sign of the infamous Tremor?

    everywhere i read on this bloody ninja that showed up in one game. a big ass brown dude which had a move like Jax's ground pound. Now on the midway forums Cinder has created a thread purely for discussion on this guy. is this an indication of him being in it? or a way of putting a million topics...
  6. InfiniteRetro

    Official Select Screen For MKA

    This screenie is posted on the official Midway boards by Cinder. looks pretty mad. thought id make a new thread about it now theres an official shot. hope thats ok.
  7. InfiniteRetro

    Official MK Armageddon Site Updated

    and wow a big whoop. a flash intro, a clickable 'eye' and thats it. time for the cryptic shit to be over with boon, just give us the info. not as impressive as i thought we'd get. not by a long shot. Mortal Kombat Armageddon
  8. InfiniteRetro

    Battlefield Arena (The MKA Returning Stage Thread)

    ok one piece of info on im hazy about is the returning arenas, what are they so far and if they plan to include ALL arenas that have spanned the various games. i think they should, again this is a big game going out with a bang.
  9. InfiniteRetro

    Is tomorrow really an update?

    or is the wind being blown up our skirts? figuratively:p almost every mk board has speculation about these changes on the site, subtle. i reckon boon's kid has been tampering with paintshop and changing the gamma correction on the site logo just for the sheer hell of it to piss his dad off for...
  10. InfiniteRetro

    This will sell the game for me

    the one thing since mkda which has been severely lacking is special moves. characters like reptile who dont have their forceball, sindel without her float and aerial fireball. these characters among others need their signature moves back in this game. lets hope boon does that.
  11. InfiniteRetro

    Scans of movelists from E3

    i have searched high and low and cannot find the scans that were taken of the custom fatalities and also the movelists for the characters available in the demo. does anyone have these or is there a link im just not finding? thanks guys and gals.