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  1. Xx Skorpion xX

    Noob !?

    New trailer just released. Caught this guy in a quick 1 second flash... ? Am I overlooking this? Haven't been on the fourms in a while. This could have been posted already, srry in advance. Here is the trailer I saw:
  2. Xx Skorpion xX

    Tag Team?

    Really hope that mode makes a return. Me & my little brother go ham with Scorp+Subzy :twisted: Anyone else hoping for this game mode to be in this installment?
  3. Xx Skorpion xX

    Rate the song above you

    Pretty self explanatory... You never know what new music you might like. If you can't 'bare to listen', at least listen to the first 60seconds of the song before rating (1 - 10). Some of you people think you work for All Music, Rolling Stone or something lol.. Remember people. No music is bad...
  4. Xx Skorpion xX

    IF we get some guest Characters.... Who do you Want

    Predator! would be a great fit to the MK universe. Wouldn't be hard to add him the the story either.
  5. Xx Skorpion xX

    is scorpion THE face of the franchise?

    All I'm gonna say is that's like asking is Ryu/Ken the faces of SF. Agree or disagree if you like but to me they are. As far as MK I always found because of Scorps and Subz rivalry. They're both the face of the MK franchise. But if I had to single out .. yes my boy Scorp is the face of the...
  6. Xx Skorpion xX

    High-Low Blocking

    I'm finding sometimes when I block standing for a standing attack I still get hit. And other situations where I would expect an attack to black but it gets broken through. Is this normal or is anyone else finding blocking between crouching/standing attack/block system a little confusing. For...