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    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (REMASTER)

    Is anyone else a fan of the classic series or excited about the new remake/remaster they're making for next year? Here's footage revealed at PSX! While a lot of 90's kids grew up with Mario or Sonic as their childhood platformer, mine was probably more often Crash Bandicoot. I didn't like...
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    Steve Ritchie Does Shao Kahn Voice LIVE

    Just found this on Youtube! From 53:25 to 55:35 to be precise. It's only a few months old too! I think it's very rare that we get to see Steve Ritchie do his old Shao Kahn voice from the arcade days anywhere, except for his return in MK Shaolin Monks.
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    BrianMinor25's Fatality Idea Komics

    Hello, everyone! It's been several years since I've been on forums and probably none of you remember me, but if you DO know me, then have no fear! I'm not dead, just been busy with life! So for the longest time I've had a DeviantArt website I've sporadically posted to over the years, but I...
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    I'm back in the forum world!

    I don't know if anyone will remember me, but I used to be on a lot of MK forums when I was younger, mostly the Midway Boards back when, you know, that still existed and was a thing. I used to go by evil_emperor at one time and have pretty much been BrianMinor25 ever since. Been away from forums...
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    Ermac's Appearance - MKD v. MK9 v. MKX

    Ermac's Appearance - UMK3 v. MKD-MK9 v. MKX Greetings, Ermac fans! How are my fellow legions of warrior souls doing today? Okay, so every MK game always has a redesign for each of its characters, with some cases being more drastic than others. With MKX I feel that Ermac has been one to...
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    GAME: Mortal Kombat: Pit Blaster!

    Hey, everyone! I would like to share with you a short game I've made. It's an extremely super serious game about helping Raiden fly and battle his way out of The Pit. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know of any criticism or feedback you have for it. Mortal Kombat: Pit Blaster Yes, it can be...