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  1. mattteo

    I think NRS writers saw my story 3 years ago and used it for MK11's story SPOILERS

    I'm not saying I blame them or want to sue them or anything cause it's their story, but too many things are just copied and pasted MK11 story I made 3 years ago, before no one knew how MK11 was gonna look. You'll find that it was very similar...
  2. mattteo


    Analysis of the many characters who have wanted Kitana's affection Kitana, Princess of Outworld, A favourite of many. 10.000 years old. That's a long time even to imagine for many of us, even for the ones who are a little older. The things she may have seen, the lives she has lived....There...
  3. mattteo

    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    I've been waiting 4 years to see the showdown battle Kenshi/Daegon/ Takeda/Taven I hope it's in an MK11 story DLC kombat pack that adds both characters AND chapter in the story.
  4. mattteo

    Mortal Kombat 11 General Discussion Media Thread

    First row: Ninjas (Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Noob, Rain, Smoke, Reptile) Second row: Raiden and Sindel in the sides, Liu Kang with his best friend, Kug Lao, and Kitana with her best friend, Jade, in the center Third row: 3D era characters Fujin, Sareena, the gang in the comic (Havik, Reiko...
  5. mattteo

    Would you buy MK12 with Scorpion, Sub-Zero and all 3D era characters?

    1. Scorpion 2. Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) 3. Rain (cause he has been the only one screwed by the new games' main rosters and he can't even be DLC anymore for MK11) 4. Fujin (takes on Protector mantle from Raiden) 5. Reiko 6. Tanya 7. Quan Chi 8. Shinnok 9. Cyber Jarek 10. Kenshi 11. Li Mei 12...
  6. mattteo

    Watch my MK11 story video Just replace the evil Lady's name with Kronika.
  7. mattteo

    Mortal Kombat Encyclopedia Interview with TABMOK99!

    Ok, so from the above Khameleon bio we know that her race evolved millions of years ago and left the Earth after a battle between the Gods. The events are not correlated, not simultaneous. There is no indication that they are. The battle between the Gods could have been relatively close to our...
  8. mattteo

    Mortal Kombat Encyclopedia Interview with TABMOK99!

    Yeah, well, it's a good effort. I just wish it would at least answer the timeline questions. I tried to make it work. As far as I'm concerned, for it to make sense according to the bios and story, it should look like this: Thus, the first Shinnok-Raiden war that was "thousands of years...
  9. mattteo

    The House of Kahn- court life and wars 4.000 years ago, in Ancient Outworld and Egypt

    Dark has become Outworld, darker than predicted by the Emperor and his shadow priests so long ago. Their magic is no longer enough to hold the realm together, as famine and poverty give rise to voices unheard before. Nobody dares question the Emperor's rule freely, but behind closed doors...
  10. mattteo

    Why is it commonly accepted that Kitana was a baby when Kahn invaded? Wrong!

    Does it come only from the Legacy tv series cluster ? They are almost entirely wrong in that tv series. That's the only portrayal I know of that represents Kitana as a baby when Kahn invaded. In Sindel's original ending for MK3, Kitana is shown as a little girl (10-12 years old ) during Kahn's...
  11. mattteo

    Mortal kombat xi fanfic storyline

    I know it's long, but I hope it will catch on and you will enjoy it. You should just give it a try and, if you like it, please choose the 35 most important characters from it that should be in the game. MORTAL KOMBAT: SECOND CHANCES As long as Shinnok lived, the Netherrealm had known a sense...
  12. mattteo

    My review of the story in MK X (long and spoilery)- by a simple fan(atic)

    I'll try not to sound like a know-it-all, but I'm a real fan of Mortal Kombat and I just want to state my opinion about this game and what could/should have been done better. The most important challenge they had was, in my opinion, to create a believable world. MK X would clearly contain...
  13. mattteo

    Mortal Kombat Timeline

    Hey guys, I made this timeline so that we can all try to understand the events that led to Mk X. I hope you like it!
  14. mattteo

    Mortal Kombat storyline respecting the entire known canon

    Delia's visions made the Elder Gods realize that one among them was interfering with their hindsight and had evil plans for the realms, but they could not be sure which one. This prompted the 6 of them to bestow upon a chosen warrior a tenth of their power. They instruct Argus and Lady Delia to...
  15. mattteo

    Mortal Kombat storyline respecting the entire known canon

    I wonder if MK11 will cover anything from the Edenian War set 10.000 years ago. From the games I put together this interpretation of the events that happened (respecting the canon in all MK bios and story, but totally adding!). In the story are Kitana, Shao Kahn, Taven, Daegon, Rain, Raiden...