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  1. navery

    Will DLC Characters appear in the Nekropolis???

    Will DLC Characters appear in the Nekropolis???
  2. navery

    Motaro In Mk9? *SPOILERS*

    Has Motaro been mentioned or confirmed for MK9???
  3. navery

    Can't import the game to aus? What about the extras?

    Well if u can't import the new MK game to aus what about the extras that come with the kollectors edition? will customs allow them through?
  4. navery

    Easy Onyx Coins on MKDA?

    does any1 know how to get easy onyx coins on MK Deadly Alliance? there the only koins i need to finish the krypt and i need heaps of them. can some1 help me out???
  5. navery

    MK Armageddon Relecs???

    Could any1 tell me were i could find thse relecs in konquest mode on MKA i have 58/60 and the only characters avaliable r Chameleon, Taven, Bo Rai Cho and Reiko
  6. navery

    MKA PS2 Premium Edition PAL?

    Just wondering if any1 could tell me if there will b a premium edition 4 MKA PAL or Australian version??? as they never had a pal version of MKD here in aus
  7. navery

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 XBox 360?

    Can some1 help me hear im new 2 the xbox 360 and seen the news on the main page about this topic, how does it work do u just download the game 2 the xbox? or just buy it from a store?
  8. navery

    MK 1 Premium Pack, Reptile???

    Im having trouble getting 2 reptile i do a double flawless fatality at the pit but nothing the version im playing is from the MK Deception Premium Pack on PS2 can any1 help???
  9. navery

    Motaro, Chameleon, Meat???

    What does evey1 think will they add these 3 characters???
  10. navery

    were is ERMAC on MKSM

    is it true u can fight ermac in mksm??? is that guy u set free in the wastland kabal???
  11. navery

    MK2 on MKSM

    I have completed all 5 smoke missins on mksm on psm and smoke tells me that i have unlocked mk2, can any 1 tell me were i go 2 play it??? i cant find it???