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    Connections Between Terminator and Mortal Kombat (More than just MK11 DLC) The MK11 Kombat Pack trailer has been released, and as we've all seen - Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as Terminator! His face, anyway, though not his voice. In this video I cover that, as well as all the other surprising connections between these two...
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    Nightwolf - The Champion of the Matoka people

    Hey guys, here is my latest vid!
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    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    It looks like someone is selling dog tags based on the Goro render that this team put together
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    Shinnok vs. Shao Kahn: Who started invading first?

    This is a debate that comes up from time to time, and with the hype of both of these characters returning for MK11, seems like a good time to explore this subject and settle it once and for all!
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    On the Origin of Shao Kahn's Species

    I saw a lot of discussion about Shao Kahn on another thread (specifically inquiring as to whether or not he was part Tarkatan) so I am sharing this video here.
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    What's going on with Shao Kahn's Arm?

    Here is my theory:
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    Shinnok's Amulet: The Complete Saga

    Hey guys, Here is a complete rundown of Shinnok's Amulet from its inception in MK Mythologies to where it ended up in the aftermath of Mortal Kombat X - and everything in between!
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    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    Well I haven't managed to track down that robed bearded wizard statue from MKII's Wasteland, but judgment_fist found a 3D model of a statue in one of the games, and extracted it for us to view it more easily. Now it's pretty different from the one found in MK2's Wasteland, but it seems like it...
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    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    Just popping in to let everyone know - I found the exact photo used for the "Stele Pavilion" building from the Chinese Ming Dynasty Tombs used in the Palace Gates background. I don't just mean I identified the building, as that's been known for some time. I mean I tracked down the specific...
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    Let's Visit Shang Tsung's Island

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    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    A while back, I tracked down the MK3 Animalities from VHS footage. I even released a side-by-side comparison on YouTube. One of the few I was unable to get was Stryker's t-rex, though I got a hint that a Jurassic Park toy was used. Last night, a user Lone Wolf Productions left a comment on...
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    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    Hey guys, A couple of things I want to share with the group. First, I've looked through about 15 different books about anatomy for artists that were published in the 1980s/1990s, trying to find that pic of the Great Kung Lao. No luck so far. On the Twitter, Josh Tsui saw one of my posts...
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    Secret Origins of Shang Tsung and Quan Chi

    Ever wonder where Shang Tsung and Quan Chi came from? In this latest video I research tons of games, from MK1 to MKX (and beyond the games) to find the definitive answer - where do these two really come from? Link:
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    On Kano's son - canon or not

    Here's the evidence I've gathered to make the case that - even though Kano's son was only shown in an ending - he is still a canon character. Enjoy! Edit: Since embeds no longer work, here's a direct link. b8JfBCOFgGs
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    What's the Deal with Chameleon? (Finally exposed)

    Mortal Kombat's most mysterious character - finally exposed, once and for all!
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    Mini Fighter (rare DreamGear exclusive fighting game)

    Check it out:
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    Reiko & Shao Kahn - The Same or Not?

    Might be hard to believe now, but this used to be the #1 topic back on MK discussion forums! Here's a look back at some of the arguments on Reiko and Shao Kahn - including a word from the MK creators themselves!
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    The Unknown History of the Animality

    I managed to hunt down and track the original video footage used for MK3's Animalities. I also showed them side-by-side with Animality gameplay so you can directly compare them. Check it out:
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    All Johnny Cage Movies - From Mortal Kombat 1 to MKX

    I went through 25 years of Mortal Kombat history and found the title of every Johnny Cage film ever mentioned throughout the games - and any other piece of media (comics, movies, webseries, promotional videos/trailers, etc.) There have been other lists, but they were outdated, incomplete...