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  1. Artur Pach

    Mk9 beat capcom!!!

    A round of applause is in order!! MK FOR LIFE!!! hahaha "The bloodier alternative to Street Fighter prides itself on extreme violence and bone-breaking gameplay. Boasting a score of 86 on Metacritic and over 3 million sales worldwide, Mortal Kombat has been a success for publisher Warner Bros...
  2. Artur Pach

    MK Freezing At Startup

    As of this morning its not loading past the "checking online for features" screen!! the loading logo just freezes and i have to hard-reset the system!! Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? Its a late '09 80gb btw.
  3. Artur Pach

    Trophy Glitch (Turtle, Dont Jump, Throws 4 Champs)

    Recently (pre-patch) i got pissed of from getting disconnected from online so i signed out of my psn to reset it but didnt sign back in. i went to Test your luck for the f*** of it to try and get "luck be your lady". I didnt, but since it was easy round, i didnt do much to win just spammed the...