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  1. gorditakrunch

    MKX comic Just thought people here would be interested if they hadn't read this.
  2. gorditakrunch

    How you got your TRMK name

    Taco bell, K for Kombat.
  3. gorditakrunch

    Action Figures and Other Toys

    Heres a portion of my Beast Wars: Transformers collection, the photos are bad quality and some of the figures are incomplete as you may notice, but I had these pics laying around so I figured I'd post 'em, maybe when I dig the rest of my stuff out of storage I'll take new pics.
  4. gorditakrunch

    Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist

    Did anybody else watch this? I was pretty damn impressed myself, I easily consider this the first GOOD live action adaption for any fighting game (aside from the first MK film, which I'm sure many of us are very nostalgic for). I know it'll take a while, but I'm really excited for the follow up...
  5. gorditakrunch

    Jason X would be PERFECT for MKX

    If another horror character appeared in MK, I'd vote for this douche...obviously it'd never happen since they're crappy B-films hardly anybody has seen, but he'd get my vote...dude did ninja flips, and stabbed somebody in the neck with an ear of corn...if that wouldn't make an entertaining...
  6. gorditakrunch

    Favorite Movie soundtrack?

    This right here, forever. Others I like are the Spawn soundtrack, and Freddy vs. Jason.