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  1. EWAShock

    Mortal Kombat: Old School Combo Video

    This is the first, and last, MK1 combo video to end all combo videos. All combos and glitches performed by ded_. Truly insane combos from a game that no one thought had anything interesting to present! About 100 clips total, 56 megs and 9 minutes 45 seconds of MK1 fun. Ermac...
  2. EWAShock

    Results and Match Videos from UMK3 Tournament at NEC7

    Results: NEC7's turnout was less than we had hoped but 10 is better than 6 from last year. Other players who were not a part of the tournament but in attendance over the weekend were DreemerNJ, Crazy Dominican, DJ Eric Darkside, and VDO. 1. Shock 2. Julian Robinson 3. RushedDown 4. Mike...
  3. EWAShock

    The Most Ridiculous N64 MKT/UMK3 Combo Video. Ever.

    Selpex and ded_ have done it yet again. They have turned it up a notch this time with the pinnacle in randper kombat and morph combos taking advantage of every possibility available. This is a completely ruthless display of aggression upon a fighting game. It is MKT Broken: 3...
  4. EWAShock

    UMK3 Tournament at NEC7 2006 - Dec 2+3 in Philly

    From Tournament Coordinator Eric: "NorthEast Championship (NEC7) in Philly OK players here we go again this is the thread for NEC7 in Philadelphia Pa. . Park Plaza Hotel--Days INN(2015 Penrose Av.) (215-336-4516)--South Philadephia, 3 miles from the airpot.) will be the location of NEC7."...
  5. EWAShock

    New Insane MK2 Combo Video

    Exclusive release from Over a year of collective effort, gathering combos, putting it on the back burner, refining combos, etc. It is finally here. For the past week I have been putting together what hopefully MKII fans will consider as the "be all end all" of MKII combo...
  6. EWAShock

    MK Trilogy - Broken! Vol. 2 Released

    Selpex and ded_ have done it again. MKT: Broken Volume 2 for N64 is here, with more insanely ridiculous inhuman combos to enjoy, with more morph combos, 100%s, and fun for the whole family! Copy, Paste, and Enjoy.
  7. EWAShock

    Selpex and ded_ - Insane N64 MKT Combo Vid

    An exclusive from : Presented by Selpex and ded_. This is the most insane N64 MKT combo video ever done. It lays waste to all the "generic" crazy combos and goes right for the meat and potatoes. Truly astounding.
  8. EWAShock

    PSX MKT Combo Video - Stupid Noob

    This is the latest video from Shock, ded_ and DreemerNJ at and It is a short video abusing the exploit of Noob Saibot's Disabler move, but instead for the other characters who have special move limitations. It is a very broken move to begin with, and since no...
  9. EWAShock

    UMK3 Tournament Results from ECCXI

    UMK3 - 14 Entries - Results 1. Shock 2. Tom Brady 3. Phi 4. Julian Robinson 5. Norman 6. BustaUppa 7. VDO 7. Jeron 7. RushedDown 10. NKI 10. DreemerNJ 12. SCI (sub) 14. RSigley (had to leave) 14. Steve (had to leave) Thanks to all the players who showed up, the outcome was better than usual...
  10. EWAShock

    Darktemplarz release UMK3: Shattered!

    The 9th installment of UMK3 goodness from the Darktemplarz has arrived. ded_ Shock and DreemerNJ present to you "UMK3: Shattered" in what is possibly the most ridiculous video we've ever done. It is 9 minutes with new infinites, 100%s, big damage, and eye candy combos. Over 60 combos total...
  11. EWAShock

    UMK3 Tournament at ECC11, May 27th

    The next UMK3 tournament is going to be held on Saturday May 27th, 2006 at 8 on the Break in Dunellen NJ for ECC11. Players, please show up and make this thing happen. I want enough players to actually hold a tournament for money. Be there early for warm ups and the tournament will most...
  12. EWAShock

    UMK3 Match Vids from Breakdown at 8 on the Break

    A handful of players showed up for Breakdown, thanks goes to: Busta Uppa, Phi, Julian, RSigley, 50 Cent, VDO, and Dave. I didn't realize there were 8 of us until I made the vids tonight, we could have actually done a tournament, hopefully next time the outcome will be better, this is up since...
  13. EWAShock

    UMK3 Tourny at BreakDown Feb 18th, Dunellen NJ

    There will be a UMK3 Tournament at 8 on the Break February 18th, 2006. UMK3 is generally an under the table tournament so no cover charge will apply (most likely) and a $5 entry fee for the UMK3 tournament itself plus quarters to play is the expense. 340 North Ave, Dunellen, NJ 08812 Players...
  14. EWAShock

    UMK3 Match Videos from Clash at 8 on the Break

    New vids are up, a handful of us got together and put some matches on tape. There were some other players around as well who didn't get involved unfortunately. Here are the win-losses for the taped matches. Shock: 16-6 Bill: 6-4 Phi: 6-7 Busta: 1-11 Rob: 4-4...
  15. EWAShock

    UMK3 Tourny at Clash in Dunellen NJ@8 on the Break Jan. 7th

    Merry Christmas everyone. Good news, I have been asked to run a UMK3 tournament at the NJ segment of "Clash" which will be hosted at 8 on the Break in Dunellen, NJ on January 7th or 8th, all things are still pending but I'll find out in the next couple days. I have to confirm things with the...
  16. EWAShock

    Results and match videos from NEC6 UMK3 Tournament

    NEC "unofficial UMK3 tourny" is done, and only 6 of at least 12 total players I talked to over the two days showed up on Sunday for a tournament, and then only 5 of us played. Disappointing turn out compared to all the people I talked to before hand and ones who are always there. About 10 people...
  17. EWAShock

    Upcoming NEC6 UMK3 Tournament Teaser Video

    OK everyone, NEC6 is coming up, and I'll be hosting a UMK3 tournament. Battousai has put together a teaser video, in effort to entice people to show up. Tourny info once again: North East Championship (NEC6) December 3rd and 4th Philadelphia...
  18. EWAShock

    DTZ UMK3 Kombo Video #8 Maximum Damage!

    Well, it's finally here folks. Brought to you by myself, DreemerNJ, and our new partner in crime: ded_, The 8th UMK3T project. This video includes over 50 combos, most of which are from UMK3 arcade, a handful are from MK3 arcade and Greatest Hits MKT for PSX. I don't have to...
  19. EWAShock

    UMK3 Tourny Match Videos from ECCX Make sure you check out Julian vs Lex (Sub-zero vs Kung Lao) and Julian vs Shock (Sektor vs Human Smoke) for some really crazy action. Matt