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  1. Wrath_the_Furious

    BAR ROOM BLITZ!!!!! Fort Oglethorpe Georgia

    Starting Mondays @ the Fort Oglethope Georgia Buffalo Wild Wings. SFV, KoF XIV, Killer Instinct and more. if you can't make it out check out our stream @ for more info visit our FB
  2. Wrath_the_Furious

    Untitled nerd podcast

    Hey everyone I'm sure some of you have seen our tournament announcements, stream posts, or SFV beta videos that have been posted but we also do a weekly show on Tuesdays @ 6pm eastern time on twitch where we feature our nerd girl cosplayer of the week and talk about the latest comic, game and...
  3. Wrath_the_Furious

    Unp presents: Mkx+smash=maximum mayhem aug 29 east ridge tn $$cash prize$$

    Untitled nerd podcast hosted MKX and smash WII U tournaments September 12 2015 @ the East Ridge Rec 1517 Tombras Ave East Ridge, TN 37412 registration will begin @ 2pm tournaments start @ 3pmThe venue fee will be $5 at the door. MKX will be played on PS4 and the entry fee will be $10, Smash...
  4. Wrath_the_Furious

    UNP live stream featuring Doom 7-16-15

    UNP live stream featuring Doom 7-16-15 We will be streaming doom tonight and taking donations to fund our next charity MKX tournament all donations go towards venue and prizes. We appreciate any support the community is willing to give thank you all in advance and...
  5. Wrath_the_Furious

    untitled nerd podcast twitching MKX

    Were in our lobby on mkx on ps4 accepting all challengers live streaming.
  6. Wrath_the_Furious

    untitled nerd podcast live stream

    Our live show starts at 6 PM eastern time
  7. Wrath_the_Furious

    Gaming for strays MKX tournament JUNE 13th CASH PRIZE

    Gaming for strays MKX tournament JUNE 13th CASH PRIZE (NW GA, CHATTANOOGA) Gaming for strays @ the walker county civic center in rockspring georgia. Entry fee: $10 half of entry fee goes to the top player + $25 gamestop gift card. 2nd place gets $25 gamestop gift card. Half of proceeds go to...
  8. Wrath_the_Furious

    stick vs D pad: the consensus

    For all the years I have played fighting games I have never fully defeat my ancient nemesis: the joy stick. I never had the time or the quarters to defeat the fiendish swine on his own territory and as time has marched on I haven't given it much thought until a wayward relative bought me arcade...
  9. Wrath_the_Furious

    Find your happy place!!

    Everyone has that special place where they flee when they're stressed or depressed. Mine is the den I constructed in my basement where I hide from my wife, kids, and life in general. Where combos may be practiced uninterupted by nagging and screaming on a 47 inch flat screen on the couch and the...
  10. Wrath_the_Furious

    World of Warcraft: the new crack cocaine

    I'm not slamming WoW but has anyone encountered the addict aspect of its fan base? You know the ones, never move from their computer screens, become extremely unreliable, never go outside, get angry when you mention that they may have a problem. My brother suffers from this addiction and has a...
  11. Wrath_the_Furious

    Guess my plans for the post apocalypse are cancelled!

    Well mankind has avoided doomsday yet again. In a way I was kind of disappionted. I was looking forward to the freedom the fall of organized society would offer us post apocalypse such as chaining my bosses to the hood of my truck for use as a fleshy brush guard. Or all the looting and pillaging...
  12. Wrath_the_Furious

    The death of the local video store....I cannot help but mourn the end of an era.

    As a child of the 80s I grew up in a rural area during an era when the local video store was starting to spread to small towns across the land. In my area our local convenience stores rented movies and NES games. I remember the first game we ever rented was punch out and my entire family killed...
  13. Wrath_the_Furious

    chatt town beatdown is coming up 5/14/11

    Chatt town beatdown is coming up this Saturday looks like they got mortal kombat, SSF4, blazblue and tekken 6 anyone else attending this? UPDATE: i have all the tournament info here now just a note i have nothing to do with planning or organizing this tournament I'm just passing this info along...
  14. Wrath_the_Furious

    Chattanooga MK tournament

    Being as there was a pretty good turn out for the gamestop tournament in the chattanooga area I figured I would gage the interest of another local area tournament. Anyone on this forum in the area that would be interested in participating let me know. I would really like to get this off the...
  15. Wrath_the_Furious

    Anyone hit the Gamestop tourneys last night?

    Just curious if anyone made it out to the midnight tournaments that seemed to be everywhere