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  1. ujustgotcaged

    The walking dead (tv & comic)

    Hey I searched for a while and I could not find a walking dead sub forum under movies and tv .. Someone direct me to the right spot of this topic already exist please and sorry in advance . I made a video on what I think is going to happen in the last few episodes of season 6 regarding...
  2. ujustgotcaged

    Lack of sexiness in Mortal Kombat

    PLEASE DONT COMMENT UNTIL YOU WATCH HER VIDEO. Well as the continued to build for mkx I can recall being on of the guys who said "I wanted breast physics in the game" which as you can all see now..there are ZERO breast physics and most of the male characters are...
  3. ujustgotcaged

    MKX Kompetitive player discussion

    Hi guys, I wanted to make a thread dedicated to the competitive player. Are some of you guys actually jumping online in the first week???I probably won't What are some of your training strategies?? Do you plan on learning the in and outs with every variation of the characters you...
  4. ujustgotcaged


    Hey guys, I wanted to create a thread where we could talk about the comics and not spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it yet..So if you come to this thread and you haven't read the comic you might want to turn away. REMEMBER...the digital copy come out every week while the paper copy comes...
  5. ujustgotcaged

    MORTAL KOMBAT X general discussion

    A place to talk about anything and everything concerning MKX ...and Johnny Cage. "This is where you fall down"[emoji41][emoji57]
  6. ujustgotcaged

    SubZero elevator prank This is all over twitter today lol "This is where you fall down"[emoji41][emoji57]
  7. ujustgotcaged

    MKX Wallpapers For Your Phone

    Are you guys so excited for MKX that you want to have MKX backgrounds on your phone but you can't find any good pictures ?This is a thread to share your awesome Mk and MKX pictures with friends. I have one but I'm bored of me out .
  8. ujustgotcaged

    Mid fight character specific trash talking

    I don't think we will get taunts in MKX and I like the fact that we get awesome intros in every fight.But if they go the extra mile and make characters say specific things to each other during the fight that would be awesome. Ex:Johnny cage (after a combo to Mileena) Awww did I mess up your...
  9. ujustgotcaged

    Cassie Cage , General Discussion

    I think we need a thread to just talk about Cassie Cage in general.Im hoping for an awesome alternate costume.I love the spec ops look anyway .I want to see an outfit kind of like Sonya's alternate in mk9.