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  1. musgrave999

    Confused, I thought Cassie Cage replaced Johnny & Sonya

    Hello everyone, I very rarely post new threads anymore but something has been bugging me. When Cassie Cage came out I was like "Awesome, combining two characters, smart move Boon." But then I still see people stating that they can't wait for Johnny and Sonya to be revealed. I understand diehard...
  2. musgrave999

    Scorpion's character trait? Super move?

    Soooooo about Scorpion...I don't ever like assuming or believing rumors, but in a hypothetical universe let's say Scorpion does get released as DLC for Injustice. -What do you suppose his Character trait button would do? -Any ideas for a super move? -Possibility of a completely new scorpion...
  3. musgrave999

    16 Costumes

    Well MK Vita is almost here. Anyone want to take guesses for the remaining unannounced costumes? We have... 7 Umk3 ninjas 4 dlc alts 1 mileena 1 raiden That only leaves 3 remaining. 1st one I'm praying for cyber smoke which I think is realistic. 2nd I want to say cyber reptile because it would...
  4. musgrave999

    Mortal Kombat: Unchained playable on Vita?

    I, along with some others, have been searching for a confirmation of this for awhile now. We just want to find out before we spend the money on it. The official Sony list doesn't have it listed as compatible or downloadable from the Vita market, however, there has been talk of a way to download...
  5. musgrave999

    MKAK on PS Vita?

    Does anyone know if this will be downloadable for PS Vita?
  6. musgrave999

    MK Kombo VS. SF Combo

    I've played Mortal Kombat for like 18 years now. As I'm not the best that's ever played, I certainly know what I'm doing to a very large extent. I love doing crazy high damage combos and juggles and all that jazz. Hell my main on UMK3 is Shang Tsung cuz I just like to morph into a different guy...
  7. musgrave999

    Super Street Fighter IV Online

    Well, I hate to say it but the time has come for me. I am and will always be one of the biggest diehard MK players to walk this earth, but due to two 2011 game releases where the online lag issues make it unable to play and enjoy, I give up on online for Mortal Kombat. As for now, I'm going to...
  8. musgrave999

    Never been so angry, need a 2nd opinion

    I just have to explain what happened to me online last night to the TRMK community here. I get set up in an online ranked match on UMK3 and the person picks Smoke obviously. Now I love Smoke but like anyone we have to admit he's cheap an easy, so I try to only use him if I need to. I decided...
  9. musgrave999

    MK Arcade Kollection revision list?

    I assume no one found what revision each MK game was in this bundle? I tried searching the google AND the forum for this so don't blast me with the use the search button crap
  10. musgrave999

    Do you think the remaining on disc content will eventually be unlocked?

    There's still the bosses, cyber reptile, and a few other goodies locked on our discs and I was hearing about chances of an unlock code. Thought I'd see what everyone's overall opinion was. Also if anyone would like to inform me of the mechanics of "breaking" or hacking or whatever its called to...
  11. musgrave999

    DLC or MK10 (read before voting)

    MK8 Release Date: 11/16/2008 MK9 Release Date: 04/20/2011 MK10 Release Date (estimated): 09/18/2013 MK9 just came out and you know it's going to be awhile until MK10 so what would you rather have? More DLC content to keep us satisfied during the wait or "Save" characters and content for a...
  12. musgrave999

    Kenshi & Ermac not so similar?

    After seeing the Kenshi trailer, every single one of my thoughts on him changed. I absolutely hated him and now I can't believe he looks so good. I just wanted to see if anyone had a similar story with him. As soon as Kenshi came out in MK5 did anyone think he was just a crappy Ermac...
  13. musgrave999

    Super Roundhouse incorporated with X-ray

    With the announcement of Rain and everything with him being official it's time to start thinking about the technical aspects of his gameplay. As we all remember, Rain's super roundhouse was one of the most unique moves for a simple B+HK. People thought it was cheap and annoying but who cares...