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  1. popnlocker

    can someone explain this to me?????

    I was playing some tag matches online and wreckin of course lol but then the next match started and I choose lu and kung. My opponents choose two hidden kratos. But then when the match started it was actually my kung lu against two kratos. Btw it was my two characters against one person and a...
  2. popnlocker

    online tag match glitch?? same characters???

    I was playing a tag match online and realized I was play two kratos?? It was two people against me btw can someone explain how they did this lol or was it a glitch? Yea I go proof its on my youtube Can someone help me understand what happened lol
  3. popnlocker

    High damage combos

    I have a question. I've been called a combo spammer. I don't understand why though. I mean I play a good 20 something of the characters and I learned Sonya today and got a couple good combos. 37% to 49% and when I see the opening I go for it. Does that make me a combo spammer??