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    Telegraph Preview Hands On omfg is this shit true?
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    Shao Kahn: playable An italian magazine confirmed it. ****ing holy shit i'm happy.
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    Happy Birthday Ed Boon!

    happy birdthdhday to boon.
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    Shao Kahn: chat attack

    Who's with me? We must spam the shit out of the official forum... WE NEED SHOA KAAN GAMEPLAI!
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    Moves commands: questions

    1) Which buttons is the X-Ray? 2) Is there a button specifically for the tag-team? 3) In which way do you cast special "enhanched" moves? Which buttons? 4) C-c-c-combo breaker is "BL + ->" or what? 5) Is still there a button for the throw?
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    Noob's name

    Do you prefer Noob or Noob Saibot? Do you think it will be only Noob? I hope it will be Noob Saibot... :reddy:
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    Tag-team mode: some questions

    Will I be able to play: 1) With my friends, in 2 vs 2 where I control Team 1 and he controls Team 2? 2) With my friends, versus CPU where he and I control one character per team? 3) Versus CPU in 2 vs 2? 4) I finished the questions. OH, sorry for the english and thanks for future replies ;-D
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    GameStop: Mortal Kombat Widget

    Did anyone of you see this?
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    Secrets in Mortal Kombat

    Pre: I searched for a similiar thread but I didn't find anything about :???: You know about secrets: Reptile in Mortal Kombat; Jade, Smoke and Noob Saibot in Mortal Kombat II and so on. Do you want more secrets in this new upcoming MK? Do you want to play with the secrets characters? Unlock...