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  1. HamatoYoshi

    What's bothering you at the moment?

    A thread to tell the board whats bothering you in your life. Whether its to talk about it with each other, vent, just to get it off your chest, etc; Right now, I'm just exhausted from getting 3 - 4 hours of sleep and going to work an hour away every day. I'm burnt out and just need a break for...
  2. HamatoYoshi

    Nintendo to shut down Nintendo Club

    Apparently, they're putting in a new system to replace it, but this still bums me out. I got so many free games because of Club Nintendo
  3. HamatoYoshi

    New Resident Evil Attraction in Japan's Universal Studios.

    This needs to come to the states ASAP!
  4. HamatoYoshi

    What are you watching on Netflix?

    This thread is to tell us what you've been watching on Netflix, suggest to members what to check out, and talk about whats coming to netflix/what was just released on Netflix. Currently, I'm rewatching all the episodes of King of the Hill.
  5. HamatoYoshi

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    So, I shaved, and now I look like I'm fvcking 12
  6. HamatoYoshi

    New Members Welcome Thread

    Re: Hi everyone I'm sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over my freedom.
  7. HamatoYoshi

    Discuss why this is the best MK of the entire series.

    Nothing has topped how hyped up I was about this game and been everything I dreamed for. I mean, come on, the MK3 combo system was alright but it doesn't top finding out how to take half of your opponent's damage just from 1 combo in MK and it not be a set list made by the programmers. The...
  8. HamatoYoshi

    Massacre at Elementary School

    I too think this was staged. It really shouldn't take fear and sacrificing innocent people (CHILDREN) for the government to want to try and pass a law. If the people don't want it done, it shouldn't be done. Its what this nation was built on. As for this...
  9. HamatoYoshi

    New Star Wars Movie Set for 2015 I honestly expect this to be horrible, but we'll see where it goes. Maybe a sequel will redeem Lucas and make him accepted again.
  10. HamatoYoshi

    What Greases Your Gears?

    This greases my gears more than you know. Especially when it's done on Cyclops.
  11. HamatoYoshi

    HY's Fatality Fake Thread

    I posted a thread where I posted most of my old Fakes, so here's where I'll be putting all of my new ones. Comics will still be in the "Reptile has bad tastes thread". The power move that Johnny Cage has in MK9 inspired me on this one.
  12. HamatoYoshi

    The Evil Dead (Remake)

    At NYCC, the trailer for the new Evil Dead remake was shown and the first image has been posted on the internet. I'm just hoping they keep the humor aspect of the series in this...
  13. HamatoYoshi

    What Greases Your Gears?

    Dat front butt.
  14. HamatoYoshi

    When I was growing up I loved/hated

    The hat I'm always wearing in pictures Tour hat from back in the day. Top 3 favorite bands of all time.
  15. HamatoYoshi

    Reptile has bad tastes...

    Decided to make this for fun. I haven't made one in years, but I'm starting to get the itch to make more.
  16. HamatoYoshi

    Fatality Fakes I Made (Old Material)

    I was going through my photobucket and found a few fakes I used to make back in the day. Hope you all enjoy/get a laugh
  17. HamatoYoshi

    Official Pictures Thread Part 2

    I came to shit up