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  1. mdsfx

    MKT on PSX - Version differences

    Can someone tell me the visual/apparent differences between the different versions of MKT for PSX? I have an old copy of MKT for PSX and I can't tell which version it is (Original black label, greatest hits, etc). I don't have the case and the disc's print has been colored over (otherwise i...
  2. mdsfx

    I have an extra MK 360 Online Pass to give away

    The first person PM me the code to see Kintaro and Shao Kahn show up in the opening credits on the SNES version of MK2 gets a free Kombat Pass
  3. mdsfx

    MadCatz Mortal Kombat FightStick Announced (with video)

    MadCatz has created an MK-style replacement panel for their TE FightSticks.
  4. mdsfx

    Video of gameplay + fatalities from inside MK Theater

    Didn't see this posted anywhere... EDIT: It was already posted in the chat