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  1. Kuwabara16

    Mortal Kombat 1 General Discussion Media Thread

    At this point I just hope they actually revamp some of the 3DEra characters or actually use some of their better alts. I never understood why the MKX comic used Mavado's regular costume and not his cooler alt costume that fits his clans aesthetic. Li Mei is definitely getting brought back in...
  2. Kuwabara16

    Future of MK

    Yeah I can't say no to that. Ed should be able to bring back the cooler elements of MK. But I still that's because John Vogel and Tobias aren't there. Those guy really drove the story.
  3. Kuwabara16

    Future of MK

    To be fair, I think that's a WB decision and not an MK decision... Either that or they wanted to put all their energy into the Krypt. We had Puzzle Kombat, Kreate a Fighter, Chess Kombat, Kart Kombat and those were all in the 3D Era. If we are lucky MK12 will have a Konquest Mode and the Krypt...
  4. Kuwabara16

    Future of MK

    I was happy to see Jay Biondo and Steve Beran. I still wish they brought back John Vogel and Tobias. I'll have to double check to see if I saw Dan Forden. Surprised Mike Boon wasn't in the video. I remember him from the MK Bio Kards... And I think Shinnok was visually based on Beran and Jarek...
  5. Kuwabara16

    Future of MK

    Eh, I'm still hopeful. They still acknowledge the Red Dragon every once in a while. It'd help with Takeda's story and everything was building to the Red Dragon & Onaga in the comics.
  6. Kuwabara16

    Future of MK

    I wonder if we'll even get a previous gen version for MK12. And I hope they get some writers that pay attention to the old Tobias and Vogel stuff from the other Eras. I like Cetrion, but the whole Titans and Kharon stuff wasn't really that good. Yeah, but the Suicide Squad game had a bad...
  7. Kuwabara16

    Pro Gun Anti-Gun

    That's really cool. Although the rifle I'm supposed to inherit is a Marlin from the 60s
  8. Kuwabara16

    Pro Gun Anti-Gun

    I'd go to the range for sure. I'm hoping I'll inherit an old rifle out of memory. I don't really care if it fires or not, I just like the sentimental value. But I also do want something for home protection.
  9. Kuwabara16

    Future of MK

    The question is if we'll get Firegod Liu and Liu as two distinct characters. I really hope they'll actually use legacy skins to their fullest potential. And maybe assign certain variations to legacy skins in story mode. You can really clip characters with similar movesets together that way. I...
  10. Kuwabara16


    Took me years to realize that Sub Zero's scar in MK3 was shaped like an ice pick.
  11. Kuwabara16

    Is it Possible to Kill Sektor in Botan Jungle?

    I know when you do a new playthrough sometimes you can retain the fireball, timestop, and teleport. One time I managed to stop time while Sektor was jumping away and managed to hit him, but I've never been able to actually kill him. He normally is too high for me to use a fireball.
  12. Kuwabara16

    Mortal Kombat Edenian Rangers

    I got really bored and thought about that quick clip in Mortal Kombat Legacy where Ed Boon/Goodman roasts Johnny Cage about being the teen heart throb from Power Rangers... So I threw some clips together of the old Bio Kards and an MK4 Ending and the MK Armageddon Intro to make a fun little...
  13. Kuwabara16

    MK 3D Era Design Theory

    I was thinking about MK Armageddon and realized there was a lot of thought put into their designs and how much of it was inspired by the other kombatants. For example, if you really want to stretch it, Rain always had the Purple Rain thing going on, but then you have Taven who possibly takes...
  14. Kuwabara16

    Rank the Black Dragon Members!

    1. Kabal- Jobbed to my spirit animal. Also, guysthphwe, guysthphwe~ 2. Kano- Baby 3.Tremor- Dat Return 4.Kira-Smart and fellow Death note fan 5.Tasia-Comic cameo. 6.Jarek- Waiting on that fatality. 7.Kobra-Ben. 8.No Face-No Swag With all seriousness, Kabal was the best leader of the Black...
  15. Kuwabara16

    What do you call the "thing" Hyperion and Steel Sterling wear?

    What do you call this? Does it have a function? Is it there to just look cool?
  16. Kuwabara16

    Which Stars Wars Sequel Did You Want to See Instead of Battlefront?

    Which game would you rather have played than the new Battlefront? Or you just like getting Battlefront rather than a Kotor sequel or Jedi Knight sequel? I would have loved for a new Jedi Knight game instead of Battlefront.
  17. Kuwabara16

    Who invented the exploding collar?

    I was watching Battle Royale last night and realized i've seen it twice before. Once in the Dokuro manga by Tetsuya Saruwatari and in the Running Man movie with Arnold Shwarzenegger. I'm just wondering who started the trend or first used/thought of the exploding collar.
  18. Kuwabara16

    New Characters for MK10

    Nah he's grey.
  19. Kuwabara16

    PS3 Mafia 2 Issues

    I rented Mafia 2 when I got home I put it in my PS3. The PS3 restarted and I get the message " The system software cannot be run correctly. Press the PS button to try to restart the system. If the system cannot be restarted, you must reinstall the system software. Connect storage media that...
  20. Kuwabara16

    The Original Starters return for 'Pokemon X' & 'Y'

    His emerald outfit was alot better: EDIT:Also the girls have always been somewhat consistent