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  1. Eurades

    Frost: How will she differ from Sub Zero?

    *note, i know this is my 2nd thread today, but i have been wanting to ask this.* If Frost ever comes in MK9 or MK10, how will she differ from Sub Zero? I thought that maybe she uses some snow powers and rare amout of ice powers, but I want to read what you guys think. NOTE: I DONT MEAN HOW...
  2. Eurades

    Should Hydro ever be considered as a character for MK10?

    I have been seeing some Hydro stuff on other sites so I want to discuss about Hydro. In the old games, not sure how he was in the games, but I guess its some mod or something. Anyways, he was a water Lin Kuei and friends with Sub Zero in the comics, and then a water (I guess, looks more like...
  3. Eurades

    Should This Be a DLC?: Story Mode Extentions

    Now I know many people are going to say that this is pointless and that the next MK installment will have the continuing story, but I got to say that what exactly will they upgrade in the next installment? MK9 is pretty much perfect kombat wise so i dont know what they can upgrade exactly...