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  1. ThatRandomGuy42

    The Krypt Attacks - Not Random?

    So by now I'm assuming most of you have been to the Krypt and presumably have been attacked by the lovely occupants of the graveyard, caves or Shao Khan's temple. At first, I thought they were like MK9's jump-scares - random and non-predictable - but now I'm not so sure. I've seen a bunch of...
  2. ThatRandomGuy42

    Anyone got a GIF of Freddy's second fatality?

    See title. Mine's keeps disappearing because it's only there for a little amount of time. As anyone got one? P.S. GifSoup doesn't work for me, and the gif would have to be a little big, around the size of my Toasty GIF below
  3. ThatRandomGuy42

    The Official deviantART Members Thread!

    In this thread, share your deviantART username and link others to it so they can see your art and (maybe) become a watcher. P.S. Didn't see an existing thread like this so....yeah. There is my profile and there is some 'art'...I make these, that's what I do.
  4. ThatRandomGuy42

    Favor to ask the "hardcore gamers"

    How do you survive an all-nighter? Im taking part in a Youtube tournament, and it's being held at 8:30 in america, which is 2:30 in the night. Any tips?
  5. ThatRandomGuy42

    Female characters. How some see them VS Reality

    Ahem. Yes. Credit to BrokenTeapot.
  6. ThatRandomGuy42

    Season Pass Discussion Thread

    Season Pass problem I bought the Pass, BUT i cant download it. What is going on?
  7. ThatRandomGuy42

    If Klassic Smoke does get released...

    What would he be? Would he be a ninja or robot? And for that matter, would his klassic ninja outfit be from MK2? Im just thinking since Smoke didn't appear in MK1, and since he was both a robot AND a ninja in MK3, his klassic could qualify as a robot skin....
  8. ThatRandomGuy42

    Caption Contest!

    Provide a caption for this snapshot. ...don't be obvious....
  9. ThatRandomGuy42

    Im being spammed....with messages.

    I dunno about anyone else, but im being spammed with messages saying "Mortal Kombat tourney at gamersaloon, you want in?" Now, I have had several of these messages, from different accounts, but it appears to be the same guy. Anyone else getting these messages?
  10. ThatRandomGuy42

    So, who on the Xbox has bought the Avatar Costumes?

    I have bought 3. Kabal Retro Ninja (Blue) Retro Ninja (Yellow) If you have bought any of the new ones, which ones?
  11. ThatRandomGuy42

    Your Top 5 most common and rarest characters.

    Post your top 5 of the characters you have most commonly seen or have barely seen online. My lists. Most common: 1. Smoke 2. Scorpion 3. Sub-Zero 4. Kung Lao 5. Liu Kang Least common: 1. Nightwolf 2. Jade 3. Shang Tsung 4. Stryker 5. Kabal
  12. ThatRandomGuy42

    The success of the DLC depends on one thing...

    It's not the price, but let me ask you guys many of these costumes do you already have? I'll buy the DLC because I have 3, but imagine you are someone who has every costume bar one. Unless they bring out individual packs for 1 character (For example, Klassic Scorpion is only 80MSP)...
  13. ThatRandomGuy42

    Do you ALWAYS perform a fatality?

    Generally the idea is to finish you opponent, but im curious, does anyone ever finish a game and deliberately not perform a fatality? For any reason. Same applies to babalities.
  14. ThatRandomGuy42

    Liu Kang needs fixed. NOW

    Ok, I know there are like 1 million of these threads but he really does. That freaking Y,X,A is the most annoying thing in the game. Sooooo many players use it just to spam it, and I know people look down apon those who accuse others of spamming, but my god, it needs a fix ASAP.
  15. ThatRandomGuy42

    My best character. Can someone help my decide?

    Everyone has a 'best' character for online, but I cannot decide. Can you guys help? Option 1: Cyrax Cyrax is a great character, and I tend to use him extremely aggressively, his net is good to catch people off guard, his bombs are useful against people who always block, and the teleport is...
  16. ThatRandomGuy42

    Did anyone else crap themselves when you saw this for the first time?

    I know i did.
  17. ThatRandomGuy42

    Loudmouths: I love 'em!

    For one reason...When you beat them, it's all the more satisfying! Have you encountered (and defeated) a loudmouth?
  18. ThatRandomGuy42

    Mortal Kombat's biggest flaw...

    Is the goddamn Kombat Passes. I bought the game new so i got my Pass, but a friend of mine got a borrow of it from another friend, and he can't play online. What. Bull. It just go's to show that Warner Bros are just greedy sods who want to con people out of they're money.