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  1. raskassiano

    Mortal Kombat HD Remix with MUGEN

    it doesn't resemble the original just look at the rocks , I mean the point is to go as close as possible as the original right? don't get me wrong I appreciate all the effort you guys put into this, it's just constructive criticism with the purpose to help you guys reach your goal .. I mean...
  2. raskassiano

    NetherRealm surprise #1????

    hi guys on ed boon's twitter says: NetherRealm surprise #2 (of 3) which was surprise #1 ????? thanks
  3. raskassiano

    MK 9 Tournament SPAIN (Calpe) España

    More info / Mas informacion : Movil : +34 638453741
  4. raskassiano

    where is the ps3 trailer?

    on the ps3 mortal kombat disc there is a trailer called : mortal kombat trailer (in the announcement section) where can i find it in HD to watch or download? thanks