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  1. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Frame Traps

    I'm new to this concept and I would like to get a better understanding of this concept if anyone wants to discuss it here with me. So right now I'm playing KI, mostly Sadira. I will give to examples because I think I'm on the right track (are these frame traps?) 1) Stay just out of range of...
  2. Lin_Kuei_Commander


    Just wanted to see if anyone might have an extra xbox one code weather sucks here got nothing to do this weekend would appreciate it. Thank you!!!
  3. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    New artwork for my fight stick

    Another Spinal which one is more official??
  4. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    New artwork for my fight stick

    Just finished this spinal art
  5. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    New artwork for my fight stick

    was wondering which one ppl like better. thanks. Button layout is yellow joystick top, 6 green buttons. then two yellow. Or I was thinking of waiting for some real nasty Spinal art to drop.
  6. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Power Stone

    hahaha I bet this guy gets down
  7. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Power Stone

    HD collection coming to XBLA and PSN in the fall. Capcom also announced Power Stone 3 next year :)
  8. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Intense Injustice Session

    Had a day off from work today. I started playing Injustice around 8:30, and it snow balled, into 14 hours. Mostly battle modes but 2 of my friends stopped by for a little. This was mostly due to Batgirl being so dirty. By far, best DLC Ive ever purchased in a fighting game. Beat countdown mode...
  9. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Injustice Fightstick Mod

    First time mod, let me know what you guys think!! I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL! :twisted:
  10. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    You're Injustice top 10

    List your top 10 most awesome things about Injustice. Bane- 3 venom tubes + super move =54% damage Arkham/Joker Asylum throwing the pig at someone followed say helllo to my little pig. Doomsday Using the sliding rail intractable in Atlantis The theme song Tantrum Stance Mystery battle Mode...
  11. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Lobo patch??

    Im noticing a little inconsistency with lobos tech roll, which would be ridiculous for a character with such a disgusting dash (ROLL DASH= TO TIER). Unless its me, so I'm wondering if anyone has noticed this too.
  12. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Nightwing Combo Video

    Everybody check this zhit out...hottest combos I've seen so far.
  13. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Battle Modes

    Anyone know how to change the difficulty of the arcade ladder I can't figure it out. Thanks.
  14. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Injustice @Yestercades

    Tournament in red bank, nj April 27th (sat) anybody on the east coast considering this?
  15. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Explanations for Injustice

    So even though Injustice is a video game, every fighting game needs to be balanced and have explanations, in this case, how can Catwoman square off against Superman ect. Netherealm did state they will make sense of all this, even though some ppl don't care cause its just a video game. I a'm huge...
  16. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Injustice: choose your destiny

    So we got 10 more weeks and 3/4 of the roster and the hype its getting bigger and bigger. So I wanna know who everyone its thinking of picking as their mains our main/alts, and also who they're most excited to try that could end up as their main. For me it's: Bane/Joker and Harley Quinn/Hawkgirl...
  17. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    The Butterfly Effect

    So I was thinking about something interesting and I think it would make for a good discussion. Think about anything that's happened to you in your life, things you've done or people around you have done that impacted your life, and how it affected you, whether it be your interests, current...
  18. Lin_Kuei_Commander


    These are some of my tattoo's if you want to know what they mean and get up close and personal with me do it privately ty.
  19. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    Wishlist for Injustice

  20. Lin_Kuei_Commander

    If GOD was real :O and you met him....

    What would you say, and then you can ask any one question... :hail: