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  1. Misfortune

    Do you think MK9 will have replays?

    The replay channel in SSF4 was one of the best features ever added to a fighting game. Do you think NRS will implement something similar to this in MK9?
  2. Misfortune

    Who plans on being competitive in MK9?

    What I mean by competitive is that you're going to play to win. Constantly learning new combos, tactics, stratigies etc. Who here plans on really improving their game and maybe even plan on playing in tournaments for money? I dont mean playing for 19 hours straight, It dosent take life...
  3. Misfortune

    Do you think this game will be as balanced as Street Fighter 4?

    Im not sure how the balance of the roster in previous MK's have been, but do you think the balance will be as good as SSF4 or better? I certainly hope so, esecially for the competitive aspect of the game.
  4. Misfortune

    Scorpion 60%+ combo and infinite Found

    Check used the same idea I had and put it on steroids. You can actually get the around the same damage if you start it a bit differnet and with less hits, but X-Rays aren't scaled in the slightest. They also found a few infinites over on TYM but haven't posted them, I suppose for the game's...
  5. Misfortune

    How do you feel about the whole roster having a projectile?

    Do you think it takes away variety,(There wont be any characters who specialize at close kombat like Makoto and Cammy from street fighter except maybe Jax) or do you think this is better and more even/balanced. Will this encourage projectile spam and turtling or discourage it because everyone...
  6. Misfortune

    So do you think this game will have a nice competitive scene like SSF4?

    Based on everything you've seen so far, do you think this game will be taken as seriously street Fighter. I know its still a bit early but I know some of you may still have an idea of what to expect.
  7. Misfortune

    Are the "normals' in this game unique?

    For those who have been paying close attention what do you think so far? I've noticed that everyone so far has the same jumping punch but thats all ive noticed. How is everything else. I really want the characters to have unique punches and kicks with different frames and properties. I really...