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  1. Bigwayne1313

    MK Tournament Edition back up for pre-order at (360 Only) I would imagine the quantity is pretty limited.
  2. Bigwayne1313

    Mortal Kombat (2011) Now available for pre-order!!

    Gamestop now has MK (2011) up for pre-order. Links below. Xbox 360: PS3: Awesome!!
  3. Bigwayne1313

    MK on the cover of Hyper. August 2010

    Anyone know anything about this mag? I wonder if it reveals anything new??
  4. Bigwayne1313

    Fire and Ice!!

    This was posted on Boon's twitter account about two hours ago. Clue maybe?? Scorpion and Sub-Zero?? Source:
  5. Bigwayne1313

    Crazy Idea.......

    What if that poster is legit, but has nothing to do with a game at all. Might it be possible that MK vs. DC Universe is a direct to DVD movie. Even if this is not the case, something fishy is going on, why else would there be a press embargo until tonight. Why not just show the game last night...
  6. Bigwayne1313 updates (previews MAT psp, Shaolin Monks)

    Hey guys head on over to where they have updated their site, you can check out a two minute trailer and screenshots for Shaolin Monks, They also have a few pics of MAT for the PSP, they also have a 28 sec. video but its really not worth watching.
  7. Bigwayne1313

    MK: Deception Collectors edition stolen!!!!!!!

    :cry: I cant believe this, I just bought a brand new t.v. so I wanted to play a little deception to see how it looked, but when I went to my games it wasnt there.....WTF!! I have not had any company since Thanksgiving and it was there after that. I do have a roomate that lives with me, so I...