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  1. ph4ntomlord

    Does MKAK contain Brutalities?? (UMK3)

    Just curious if NRS added them in this or not......thoughts anyone??
  2. ph4ntomlord

    Problems with MKAK...

    I noticed some music audio issues with this release....the endurance match before Goro in MK1, the "Goro's Lair" music begins to play at the beginning of the match, then about 5 seconds into it, it stops completely. UMK3, some of the screams are cut short. Anyone else notice these issues?? Just...
  3. ph4ntomlord

    MK2 game over screen??

    So I was playing MK2 for PS3 today, when I noticed after letting the continue timer tick down to zero, Goro's Lair appeared on the screen and showed "GAME OVER?" and a roman numeral III....has anyone else seen this??? I'm sure most of you have, but this is a first for me.:)
  4. ph4ntomlord

    Splatterhouse fans...who's in favor of a sequel??

    Just curious as to how many people out there liked the Splatterhouse remake?? For those who are fans of it can recall the ending that just left us kinda hangin.....I myself would love to have a sequel to this!! Opinions???:)
  5. ph4ntomlord

    Release dates???

    I know that the MK Arcade Kollection is scheduled to be released sometime late this summer....has anbody found any "confirmed release date" leaks as of yet? Just curious....:)
  6. ph4ntomlord

    Bored With MK 2011....??

    Is it just me, or does anyone else share the same thoughts on this matter as I do? I played the new MK for about 3-4 weeks after it's debut, shortly after I became bored with it.....I mean, I play MK2 for PSN more and am more excited for the Arcade Kollection this summer. Don't get me wrong, MK...
  7. ph4ntomlord

    Anyone else agree that Secret Character Battles are too easy??

    I still have yet to fight Jade in the secret battles, but from what I experienced in battling Smoke, Reptile, and Noob, they just seem way too easy IMO.