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  1. Cpov1

    Best Mortal Kombat project have you played

    I am trying to find a MKP (MUGEN with Mortal Kombat essentially) that works well and preferably works with an xbox 360 wired controller
  2. Cpov1

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier

    Anyone else buy this game?
  3. Cpov1


    Anyone think this game had any value?
  4. Cpov1

    Sherlock Holmes 2

    This movie any good? Critics are sorta giving this one a shaft it appears in some cases
  5. Cpov1

    Anyone still play this?

    Lately, I've been playing this again. Anyone else get this urge?
  6. Cpov1

    Official NCAA Football thread

    Who's winning it
  7. Cpov1

    Least used character

    Who is the least used character in this game. It's sheeva isn't it?
  8. Cpov1

    Latest Street Fighter

    What's the latest Street Fighter and is it worth buying?
  9. Cpov1

    UFC 141 for free

    UFC 141 (Lesnar vs Overeem) will be free and live on dec 30th 2011 on the ufc app on xbox live. What are the chances that we get more events such as this, or is it just a one time deal that is just one big advertisement?
  10. Cpov1

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy

    Who here plays it? Do you give it a nay, yay, or maybay?
  11. Cpov1

    What is the future of music

    3...2...1 shoot
  12. Cpov1

    Need Help with a xbox live gamercard signature

    Does anyone know if it's possible on this forum? If it is can someone direct to a site that allows it. I tried 2 neither works. Im about to try see if they have somethin.
  13. Cpov1

    Kung Lao Hat spam w/ flying kick

    How the hell do you counter this?