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  1. Sleepy59

    Opinions on game secrets

    Now that's the games been out a while and dissected every which way, I think its safe to say all secreta have been found. What do you think? Overall I love this game but I think the secrets,hidden surprises were below average even poor. Crypt, challenge tower reward and hidden fighters I...
  2. Sleepy59

    lamest or most awesome excuse youve given

    Whats the lamest or most awesome excuse youve given to get out of something. Say work, date, a commitment etc. I know mine was back on a blind date many many yrS ago. Homegirl looked nothing like her pic and dresses like a hoochie. B4 picking her up i told my boy to call me and make sure...
  3. Sleepy59

    UMK9 or MK10 opinion

    What's your opinion on what will b the next mk game? And when it might come out. I for one play mk for the story and features. I'm not all about being the best or in the top 50 mk players or learn a character until my hands hurt. I play online occasionally and just enjoy The story, features...
  4. Sleepy59

    Internet devices

    Just wondering how many devices people have in their place that need Internet connection. I was just counting recently and I counted 7 devices I have that need Internet connections. At first I thought damn that's a lot of things pulling at my router lol
  5. Sleepy59

    Ed boon and John Tobias

    Will they ever work together on mk again? I know John left but he is a co-creator and did a lot of good things for mk along with boon. Will he ever come back?
  6. Sleepy59

    Spiders in krypt

    Has anyone figured out what the spiders on the tree do?? I know about the spiders on Thr ground giving you 5k. (forgot what color they were). But has anyone figured out or any guesses what the spiders (red I think) that crawl on the trees do?
  7. Sleepy59

    What kind of fatality would you have?

    Since a lot of people have said they wish some fatalities of certain characters were different, what would you want as a fatality! Describe it? What r ur suggestions for fatalities specific to each character? Maybe boon and company will see this and take it into consideration For me...
  8. Sleepy59

    Is that it for secrets??

    Is what's been uncovered so far it for secrets? Seems so. Ive been checking the threads and with no new secrets posted the last few weeks ive begun to think what's been found is it. Unless theres a secret behind some crazy impossible task like beating challenge tower without failing or...
  9. Sleepy59

    Be Honest, how many of you are waiting for something else to be revealed?

    LOL i'll be the first to admit that i am browsing the threads like crazy in hopes of finding another secret...something hidden....i need to know there is more secrets in the game than what has been found already bc so far...i really don't think the secrets we have found so far are that great...
  10. Sleepy59

    Is Shang Tsung Dead?

    In story mode Shang gets transferred into the battle with earth realm people Sindel gets killed by Nightwolf (who is also killed) does that mean Shang is also dead since he was transferred into Sindel....and now Shang is also under control of Quan Chi?....hummmm or might his...
  11. Sleepy59

    Goro babality. Looks possible

    This video shows a babeality being done on goro in ladder mode. So it is possible. Just gotta have sick timing. Wonders if fatalities would work too
  12. Sleepy59

    Just had my first RAGE quit in MK9

    ugh...let the scorpion madness begin....****er kept doing the same moves over and over....i'll give it to him, he was quick but when all your doing is the same 3 movies basically and xray it pisses one off
  13. Sleepy59

    Has anyone had a good experience online so far?

    I know it's still early and i'm hoping they will fix the kinks in the online experience but i will admit it is pretty horrid right now. to be honest, i don't have that much sympathy for NRS in this matter....between the build up, time and hype (pun intended) surrounding this game they could of...
  14. Sleepy59

    Shao Kahn in story mode impossible

    Wow. Shao Kahn is impossible at the last chapter with raiden. So frustrated
  15. Sleepy59

    He's about to hit challenge 300

    This guy is about to hit the 300 challenge....hes on 297 now as of 4:30pm.
  16. Sleepy59

    Have you been an MK fan? through the high's and lows??? Be Honest

    how many of u out there stayed true to the MK franchise and enjoyed or at least tolerated all of the MK games after MK2 and / or UMK3 (my personal opinion on when the series started it's freefall) Now how many of us are now coming back to the MK franchise bc of MK 9 i admit i fall into #2...i...
  17. Sleepy59

    Can't sleep. MK on The brain

    Ugh. Can't sleep. Need the game or at least some new leaked info or videos lol.
  18. Sleepy59

    Anyone know if bosses have fatalities?

    Anyone know if the bosses will have fatalities or better yet, will we be able to perform a fatality on them? It would be AWESOME to do a fatality on them. I always hated after u defeated them that was it
  19. Sleepy59

    Will the 19th plz get here ASAP!

    Just a topic to vent at how agonizing it is to wait 3-4 weeks, sometimes longer, for MK. I'm checking the threads every day at least 6-7 times a day for any new info, videos and it makes me want the game even more. I preordered in early march and can't wait for the 19th. I booked vacation...
  20. Sleepy59

    Is having rain In the game that Important?

    Just a discussion thread on finding out what makes rain so popular with everyone. I don't get it personally but then again I stopped playin MK after da / deception so maybe he was really good after those games. Is it that big of a deal if he's not in the game?