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  1. deadmonkey62

    third fatality?

    idk if im missing anything... but can you only get the third fatality from the unlock code thing? If you can if any of you were watching the machinima live stream the designer was like oh yeah if your friends come over and do that fatality you don't have unlocked it unlocks so? im confused >.<...
  2. deadmonkey62


    I was looking around the krypt the other day and i noticed how i mastered one stat as nightwolf and it got me thinking do you think you unlock anything when you master every stat?! thatd be pretty sweet
  3. deadmonkey62

    There is no way.

    In story mode im lu kang and i have to defeat scorpion and quan chi there is no way.. i get them down to maybe a quarter health each and i die or they do an xray on me... tips? tricks? there is no way :(
  4. deadmonkey62

    Little problems?

    Okay so this is my first mk gam so naturally I'm going too stink :P on the ladder I'm on total beginner and I'm using nightwolf and I got to the last dude and I can never win he always just beats me with him hammer :P so that's around the skill level I am. I also played the story and I got to...
  5. deadmonkey62

    just before i leave here is an itching question

    I know MK is awesome I love it and ive been waiting for it for ages but my dad asked me today when i was basically shitting my pants about waiting he goes why is it so many people are obsessed with the game i mean its only a fighter and i was like ONLY A FIGHTER?! but then it got me thinking...
  6. deadmonkey62

    cool wallpapers?

    HI! i am brand new too this forum and MK! MK9 will be my first MK game call me a noob all ya want :P but ive been creepin on the forums for a while and decided to post you guys seem very nice :) im just looking for some high def wallpapers for MK can be a specific char or can not be doesn't...