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  1. Gororules

    Hahahah wow

    First post by me in how many years? Yeah Goro is still alive and he STILL RULES!
  2. Gororules

    Calling all MK comic owners!!!

    hey guys I was unpacking at my new house and thought I might as well list all my mk comics. if you see any IN BOLD that you'd be interested in trading, I'll list at the bottom what comics i still need to finish my collection, check em out. Blood and Thunder #1 (gold cover Goro in the back)...
  3. Gororules

    The "Worst Siggy" Judging Rd 1

    Below are all the submited siggys from this thread The "Worst Siggy" Contest. I have posted all of them in order of appearance. So please vote for what you conside to be the Worst siggy out of all of them. The top ten votes will automatically make it into the next round where we will have...
  4. Gororules

    What do you think is the unknown mode of play?

    Boon mentions a mode of play many times that has yet to be talked about, his only hints that I've seen are "It's going to be online too" and "it's more then 2 players." this mini game could be anything! MK basketball? MKParty (mario party plz) what do you guys think it's going to be? anything is...
  5. Gororules

    make a wish game! (Twisted Metal style!)

    Basically, you post something you wish, for example, "I wish I could finish this paper". The next person replies by granting the wish, but in a bite-you-on-the-ass manner, for example: "Granted! You finish the paper, but the file gets corrupted when you try to save." Then that next person...
  6. Gororules

    new movie about trmks most popular members
  7. Gororules

    Fake - How MS Paint really works.

    ok keep in mind this is my first fake in OVER A YEAR. I had retired but I'm back! background unedited, shao Kahn unedited. Johnny Cage - Full custom done in MS PAINT. the only photoshop is the shadows (I don't want it to look too cho0bish for my first fake in a year) This is my concept of...
  8. Gororules

    hey who missed me?

    if you don't know who I am you're just not cool enough. "Search found 3307 matches" lots of new posts for me to catch up on, buuuut I'm hungry so I'll skip them and go get some chinese food, what did I miss?
  9. Gororules

    anyone wanna help me on a research project?

    Ok I recently read that only 16 words in the english dictionary that are 9 letters long or shorter have a Q and no U in them, so I've been tryin to find them all! so far I have qaid - a religious leader qanat - -a system of underground tunnels sheqel - an old type of currency iraq - a country...
  10. Gororules

    Kill Bill Sig

    nothing special but it's original lookin eh and here's after I messed with it more lol
  11. Gororules

    Worst show EVER! Dance360

    This show is pure CRAP, its so useless that it makes me bleed internally just by watching it. incase you haven't seen it (lucky you!) check out I hated it so much that I sent them an Email: cancel this show while you still can, it's a bunch of sh*tty dancing monkeys hopping...
  12. Gororules

    SIG: Miyavi

    yeah ok so as most of you know i work over at, currently I have not been able to access the place due to some crap with my internet company so I get bored at 3am!!!!! anyways this is a small sig I worked on, I am NOT a pro at sigs, acually this is the first one I've made in quite a...
  13. Gororules

    An Idea to keep older games on the market

    You know what I've always thought of? why not make instead of all codes, make secret characters that cant be unlocked for years mabye! ok for example, MK:SM could come with a file that is downloadable to your memory card, unlocking saaay Rain in MKD. that way, people who got MK:SM and didn't own...
  14. Gororules

    Time To Go

    Time to go Take a deep breath, close your eyes Tonight the night, that you despise But then again, It’s hard to know Tonight’s the night , the night you go You have the gun, the bullet’s in place You raise the barrel, aim at your face In your mouth? Or under your Chin? When did this decision...
  15. Gororules

    The Call That Never Comes

    Not a fancy background this time but it gets my point across. Enjoy and Comment if you wish.
  16. Gororules

    Run away scorpion!

    K I had a hard day so I sat down and messed around a little and this is what i came up with, nothing special and I know, no life bars, deal with it lol.
  17. Gororules

    Should Have Talked To You

    Last one for tonight! the background is hard to see, so rate it more on the poem, and incase you question it, I have heard from a lot of people that there is infact a published poem that goes along the lines of this one, I was not aware of it at the time I made this, it is original work. thanks.
  18. Gororules

    Ghost Ship

    Another Picture poem by me, nothing special, comments please :)
  19. Gororules

    Distant Thoughts

    Poem And Background By Anthony Bowie Lynch (Me)
  20. Gororules

    Supurb! Fatal swoop

    Here's some oldish work of mine, I liked the blood so I posted it! enjoy and comments please. And keep in mind, this is ment to be a DISPLAY, I never intended on life bars or such to make it look ingame.