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    The Doom of the Cryomancers

    “My lord!” Crathus exclaimed as he burst into the throne room and fell on his knees in a heap before the Cryomancer King. “Catch your breath, Crathus.” The King said in his deep, powerful voice that resonated throughout the room. After a few labored breaths, the King’s messenger, still...
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    Shang Tsung's Offer

    Sub-Zero crept through the lower levels of Shang Tsung’s Palace. The night before he discovered his nemesis Hanzo Hasashi returned from the grave and was waiting for the opportune time to avenge his own self. As if he didn’t have enough pressure with the Tournament. He wasn’t scared of defeat...
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    Here we go again

    Tonight is the unveiling of the newest installment of the greatest video game franchise ever... Mortal Kombat!!!! I'm excited, but the moment is bittersweet. Why? Because as a long time MK fan I've been here before. From my examiner page: It promises to be the biggest thing to happen to the...