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    Playable BOSSES hacked!

    Wow look what we have here, well we all think boss shouldnt be playable but looks like NRS were planing on it for sure if they have Shao Kahn's moves list. I don't mind it if it's just for fun but not to be use in online rank or even player matches and for sure not in tournaments even if nerf...
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    Redeem code got jack via email?

    I order from amazon and i enter the code for klassic Reptile and it said the code is invalid. wtf are u serious and i try it many times double check to see i enter everything correctly.. did someone hijack my code from my email nooooooo.. anyone else have that problem???
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    1 important stage they forgot!

    ok i can't believe they forgot to remake the most iconic stage and that's the stage from MK 1 with all the characters in the background as statue. WTF. it be kool if they did a modern version with shao kahn, goro, shang, sub zero and scorpion because they are the most deserving. hope dlc of it...
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    who's blame for leaks? NRS OR HACKERS?

    NRS had to known that if they put anything on the demo it can be hacked. 1st a leaked from their website of the sound files and now the character select vs screens from the demo. Theory could be on purpose to get pple to talk about it more? I never seen this many leaks for a game but its the...
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    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 9?

    Hey I know there's going to be some DLC for new characters,stages,costumes,fatalities etc.. but wonder if they might consider a better version later with all the unlockable characters and perhaps able to use the bosses and sell it $20 less just like what SF4 did coming out with SSF4 or will the...
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    Ladder mode???

    I was wondering about the team ladder mode.. Can you go online with it and play with your friend on the same team? it's kool if it only works if your friend is with you but better if you can invite your friend online to tag up with you or is it only vs cpu offline?
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    MK 9 will sell how many?

    Dont think this been posted b4 or lately. This game is looking better every time I see something new and all the buzz surrounding it, so how many copies do you think MK 9 will sell? I mean MK vs DC sold over a million unit and that game suck but then again I know some comics fans who only bought...
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    Unlock MK 2/3 announcer Steve Ritchie?

    Theres a rumor that you can unlock him as the alternate announcer in the Krypt. It's possible because MK 9 is consist of MK 1-3 characters and he did announce all their names already. So don't know if it'll be new material or old sound bite but it still be excellent if it's true.
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    Select Screen Music

    MK 3 had the best select screen music, announcer, stage music, Shao's voice, etc.. But I think we all already heard the MK 2011 select screen music if you downloaded the widget, its alright hope they change it to make it sound more dark. I'm pretty sure that is the new music.
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    Amazon order bad news!

    I check my message today and Amazon sent this to me.. "Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition" Estimated arrival date: April 26 2011 - April 30 2011 Are u serious? this game is in store on April 19th. I think this suck and not going to pay a lot of $ for 1 day shipping so wonder who else order...
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    MK ONLINE should be like SF2HD remix.

    1- I hope chosing our character it will be like SF2 HDremix when we couldn't see who our opponent pick, I hate it when pple wait to see who you pick 1st so they can try to match up with you thats how it was in MK vs DC. 2- Anyone who quit early cause their getting their ass beat should be ban...
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    Big EVO Announcement Wednesday

    Tomorrow will announce which games will be at Evo this year, I know SSF4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be likely there but I hope MK 9 will make it too even though the game isn't out til April. I just hope everything will be balance and any spam exploit be patch in time after online...
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    MK movie trailer is going to websides!

    I still wish it became a Rated R movie but i guess its a progress and should be really dark n gritty. Also very happy the story main character is JAX, got tire of seeing Liu Kang as the main guy in other MK media. " A Bloody Disgusting Report says other characters appearing in the series...
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    Bosses X-RAYS

    The news of Goro is awsome and yea hope he won't be playable at least not right away same with Shao if those are indeed the final 2 bosses. But I hope we will be able to do X-Rays moves on them and especially Goro hope to see his skeleton layout and hope the bosses will have X-Rays move too...
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    Mk monsters bosses sucks!

    Ok what i hate about MK bosses are stupid looking monster bosses.. why? Because when you fight them it is so fn boring, most of the time you cant even really do your special moves on them and they are the biggest cheater that it becomes more frustrating than fun fighting them. for example, sub...
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    Shao's voice, announcer n Evo 2011

    Hey guys I was wondering what everyone thinks of Shao Kahn's new voice n the announcer n if this is actual going to be a real tournament games like Street fighter n make it to Evo 2011. My thoughts I think the new Shao Kahn's voice is pathetic n weak compare to his MK 2/3 voice he had epic...