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    My FB wall

    I kinda a rushed on this but it's still cool :D
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    Do me a favor?

    Anyone wanna do me a favor by uploading a 3D HD video of some X-Rays from MK9? I want to convert them to 3D images so I can view them on my 3DS. :)
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    MKT on PS3 Help

    Can someone tell me what the problem is? Everytime I start up Trilogy, everything is ok, but when it gets to the screen that has "Mortal Kombat, 2vs2 etc." the only one that works is "Options" everytime I put the other 3 it says "CD ERROR". What do I do? Is the game broken or is it my PS3? (PS3...
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    MKT compatible with my PS3?

    Would MKT (PS1 of course) work on my 320 GB PS3 (Fat Model)? I'm asking this because I just ordered one on Ebay...